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Lizzy Lehman Interview on Lyrical Venus!

Lizzy LehmanOh I just wanna fly
'cause I know the feeling would be right
Let's do it, I say tonight
Tonight would be just fine
I've worked it out
I've got my shoes laced up tight
And the temperature's alright
~ September Sky, Lizzy Lehman

With a soul, sound and subject matter that belie her years, listening to Lizzy Lehman gives the impression of a folk artist with several albums and several tours of the national coffee-house circuit already under her belt.  Currently an Austinite by way of Portland, OR and Evanston, IL, Lizzy could easily hold her own in a round-robin song circle with the likes of Amber Rubarth, Ana Egge, Catie Curtis and Meg Hutchinson.

Tune in from 9-10 Central for an interview with Lizzy followed by 30 more minutes of music by wonderful women songwriters! 

Zoe MuthLucky Us!  Today on Gravel Road Radio we are honored to have Zoe Muth & The Lost High Rollers live in the studio.  Zoe and the band have just released their sophomore CD, Starlight Hotel and are currently touring the country to promote it.  I've managed to snag them on their way up to The Mill in Iowa City for a little sampling of their live show right here at KRUU.  Garnering wide praise on both sides of the Atlantic, with comparisons to Emmylou Harris, Loretta Lynn, and Iris Dement, Zoe has that sweet ache in her voice that defines real country music.  Add to the mix some darn fine song writing and a stellar backing band, and it's hard to top this combination.  Since I first heard her, Zoe has been a regular on the show.

Fairfield Local Music Dance Gala PosterHilary Jordan and the Fairfield Dance Company return to the Sondheim Center for Fairfield Music: A Dance Gala for two performances, Thursday, March 3 and Friday, March 4 at 7:30 p.m. The performances will be choregraphed to music made by local artists, which of course includes local women!  This week on Lyrical Venus we'll hear a few of those songs.

Jen HirshFor the second half we'll hear from LA-based artist Jen Hirsh.  Her new album, Myself in Two, drops today!  Her soulful blending of jazzy, folky pop will have you hooked on the first listen.

Tune in to Lyrical Venus from 9-10am Central for the two interviews!

Diana Upton-HillLiving in a plastic world
with a plastic dream
Where nothing is as it seems
~ Plastic, Diana Upton-Hill

If you live in Southeast Iowa, you're a fan of musical theatre, and you've been to a few shows in the past couple years, chances are you're already familiar with the talents of Diana Upton-Hill. Her newest album, Sparkle, is a chance to introduce the world to another of her skills - songwriting.

Like a multi-faceted gem, Sparkle showcases several sides of a dynamic and passionate performer.  Flowing from high-energy pop to moody, gothic rock, the album evokes powerhouse voices such as Evanescence, Kelly Clarkson and Avril Lavigne by turn.

Tune in to Lyrical Venus Radio on Tuesday from 9-10 am for your weekly dose of music by female singer-songwriters and get to know Diana a little better. She will be calling at 9:30 Central. Read more at Lyrical Venus.

Emily ShirleyLittle windows, little tree
Little fire, come back to me
It's been a while now since we spent time
And I miss you
~ Taking the Sun, Emily Shirley

Graphic designer, photographer, mother and musician, Austinite Emily Shirley must also know a thing or two about juggling because she seems to be keeping all those creative balls in the air with grace.  

Her indie-alternative Tiny Truths EP is lush and layered. The production sets Emily's sultry-sweet vocals against a backdrop of plucked strings and marching band drums on one track and crunchy electric guitars on the next. Ranging from quirky to quiet in the span of just five songs, Tiny Truths is a great appetizer for those looking to cleanse their pallet of sugar-sweet pop.

Join me Tuesday, December 7th from 9-10am Central for your weekly dose of music by female singer-songwriters and to get to know Emily.  She will be calling in at 9:30.

Ember SchragGrant me two months in the hills
To weep with my maidens
For I'll never marry a man
Or kiss my sweet children
Jephthah's Daughter, Ember Schrag

A credit to her name, Nebraska singer-songwriter Ember Schrag's music burns slow, low and steady. Her most recent release, an EP called Jephthah's Daughter, features Ember unadorned with anything other than her guitar.  Her sweet, soaring vocals will warm your heart, her agile delivery and intelligent lyrics keep your attention.  Like a prairie wildflower gift in the hands of a young child, each song is full of small, delightful surprises.

Join me Tuesday, October 12th from 9-10am Central for your weekly dose of female singer-songwriters.  Ember will be calling in around 9:30.

Laura WagnerShe looks at all the broken dreams
From a run down apartment on a dead end street
They’re all dancing on glass with naked feet, and no beat
~ Glass House, Laura Wagner

California based singer-songwriter Laura Wagner's bio says that she is where she is because of her inability to get on the right freeway when attempting to hitch a ride from Chicago to New York when she was 16.  I'd like to offer a guess that it also has every bit as much to do with her ability to make the most of any situation she finds herself in, and the way she picks herself up anytime life knocks her down.  Her music is filled with the kind of qualities you'd expect from a survivor - grit, passion, soul and a dash of humor for good measure.

Join me Tuesday, September 7th for your weekly dose of music by female singer-songwriters!  Laura will be calling around 9:30am.

JohnsmithHey folks.  Today on Gravel Road Radio, I have the honor and privilege to interview singer-songwriter and traveling troubador, Johnsmith, winner of the New Folk Competition at the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival.  John will be performing at a house concert in Fairfield on Saturday, June 26.  We'll talk about his sixth release, Gravity of Grace, life on the road, and the art and craft of songwriting.  Join me, your host Lauryn Shapter for Gravel Road Radio Tuesday, from 2-4 for some great roots & Americana, country, bluegrass, and beyond ... and a conversation with Johnsmith.

Coyote GraceHowdy folks!  Today on Gravel Road Radio I have the honor of interviewing Ingrid Elizabeth and Joe Stevens, who together make up the powerful acoustic Americana duo, Coyote Grace.  With just two incredible voices, a bass, and a guitar, Coyote Grace packs a powerful musical punch to support some stellar and poetic song writing.  The two alternate lead vocals and song writing duties and the result is a dynamic landscape from two different perspectives uniting into one warm and inviting sound.  Coyote Grace makes its Fairfield debut this Sunday, April 18 at Cafe Paradiso and today's show will you give you a hint of all they have to offer.  Tune in today at 2 p.m. for Gravel Road Radio, with the interview at 3.

Nefertiti and the nefTUNESMainframe is calling my name
I can't get out, I'm the one to blame
There's no way out once you're in the flame
We must get out before it's too late
~ Mainframe, Nefertiti & the nefTUNES

When Nefertiti wrote an email of introduction, she described her music as "Acoustic Gangsterism" and went on to explain that the style "is a mix of reggae, hip-hop, folk, rock, soul, and blues. The music comes out sounding like Kanye West and Jill Scott's love child had a love child with Lauryn Hill and Lil' Wayne's love child, all grown-up."  Needless to say, I was intrigued and had to find out more.

I can guarantee there hasn't been an artist like this on Lyrical Venus yet!  Tune in at 9:30am Central on Tuesday 4/13 to meet this soulful, creative and independent spirit.  We'll start the hour off with your weekly Lyrical Venus dose of female singer-songwriters at 9am.