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Internet Troubles and Future Answers

Join host, Andrew Tint as he highlights the issues facing Generation Y.

This week Andrew Tint is joined first by Maggie Reardon of CNET. Maggie and Andrew discuss the recent court case, Verizon versus the FCC and what it means for your Internet. After Mrs. Reardon, Andrew is joined by Joshua Thomas, of The New Energy Industry, to talk all about the individuals and organizations that are pioneering the world of new energy technology.

Marguerite Reardon has been a CNET News reporter since 2004, covering cell phone services, broadband, citywide Wi-Fi, the Net neutrality debate, as well as the ongoing consolidation of the phone companies.

Joshua Thomas is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and currently serves  as a writer, director and founder of The New Energy Industry, as well as the president of Ideation Specialist. The New Energy Industry is an educational organization intent on enlightening you, and everyone else, on the discoveries being made in new energy laboratories around the world. Their mission is to spotlight those individuals and organizations who are pioneering the cutting-edge world of new energy technology with the purpose to empower an energy revolution. A revolution from scarcity to abundance, and from fear to love. While at the same time revolutionizing the world of science by replacing “combustion technology” with “magrav technology.” 

Generation whY explores the issues facing Millennials. The concerns confronting the millennial generation affect more than just a select few- the entire nation is deeply impacted by the tribulations of Generation Y as they come of age. Join Andrew as he discusses a wide range of topics that include; student loan debt, internships, social media, and more. His guests will include co-founder Matt Segal, The host of the David Pakman show David Pakman, and more.

UPDATE 1:41 am CST: Service has been switched over, stream experianced about 10 minutes down time, web and mail servers about 5 minutes. Because of the way the worlds DNS system works, it may take up to 48 hours for the changes to be propogated around the world. Please let us know if you are experiancing any trouble accessing the website or live stream. Contact us here.


As we speak, the collective technical genius of the KRUU CREW is madly working to switch all our networks services over to the newly installed LISCO fiber. This service will be replacing our 2MB DSL service currently also provided by LISCO, but will be running at 100MB wire speeds, so we're looking at least a 50x increase in speed/bandwith... with that we'll have to push really hard to max out on live stream listeners and/or web&archive downloads. (Both of which we've maxed out in the past)

Live from the Fairfield SquareSo, if you are (or were) listening to the KRUU broadcast anytime between 5pm and 10pm today (April 6th), you'll have heard the Happy Hour crew, as usual. Except that nothing was "as usual". This time the Central Park Furniture Store (formerly the Futon Shop) hosted the KRUU Live Remote!

Thanks to LISCO , we got ourselves an internet connection at the location on the square to do a live feed. Caleb got a IceCast server up, got it hooked up to send our stream out back to the station, and then spread out on FM and out to the world at

This is the second time we've done this (first time with our kick-off at the Armory). But this time it's stable :-)

So, if you're listening in, or just browsing, stop by the Futon Store/Central Park on the West side of the Fairfield Square and say "hi". You'll be live on the radio :-)