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Dear KRUU Listeners,

It is not often that we celebrate our first year of existence - in fact it might not happen more than once ...
Sooo if you like the Magyar Mix, or if you don't like the Magyar Mix but willing to give an other try, or if you don't know what Magyar Mix is or if you just happen to turn on your radio set on September 30th at around 1 pm, we hope that you will listen to our anniversary edition when we hand pick the best tunes of this past year for your Sunday afternoon enjoyment of the musical fruits of a far away culture...


Live broadcast: September 30th / 2007 - 1 pm sharp

Don't miss "Besh o droM"
on Magyar Mix - Sunday at 1 pm !

Besh o droM
We will play as many songs from this great band's 4 CDs as possible in one short hour ...
Besh o droM was founded in 1999 in Budapest (Hungary). Their music is inspired by Balkan, Hungarian and Romanian Gypsy tunes and Middle Eastern traditional music.They interpret this music in their unique style, mixing various musical genres and backgrounds. Most of the tunes they play are traditional but they take the liberty to use any tunes they really like and enjoy. They have developed a very loyal following in Hungary and have started their career in the international world music circuit.

   Besh o droM in Gypsy language means "sit on the road" literally, but its real meaning is "follow your path, get on with it". It is also wordplay in Hungarian meaning "I am rolling…"(a cigarette).
The band's line-up is centred around a highly experienced pair of fantastic musicians, Gergo Barcza and Ádám Pettik. Besides being friends and brother-in-laws, they have been playing together for many years. They choose the musicians they like to work with and select the musical material for the tracks.
An urban wedding band, Besh o droM's sound is ethnic tradition with the best of club culture, the unique sound of the cimbalom with jazz improvisation, a fantastic Balkan brass section with locked-down funk grooves.

Tune in Sunday - April 8th - at 1 pm

18-year-old Hungarian folk singer and zither player Alexandra Berta is giving a short interview and we will play a number of songs from her new album "Ifijúság gyöngykoszorú.."

If you'have missed the Sunday broadcast you can still catch the show on Tuesday  at 10 am
or listen to the interview here in English: or in Hungarian here:

Berta Alexandra

"It is my belief, that once the magic of folk music has touched your soul, you will be enchanted by it forever..."