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Iowa Souce Article: To Air Is Divine
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Low Power in High Places


When Roger Farmer of Washington sent an email a few weeks ago asking what happened to me, I realized my life had undergone a major shift. Not a U-turn or an about-face really, more like an ascended declension, something with a little bounce, marshmallow root, Marconi, and planet Mercury mixed in.

HEy Woh
My virgin blog!
Woohoo, as they say on Basin Street
but let's not quibble.
Quibbles 'n' bits, quibbles 'n' bits...
But seriously folks,
it's good to be alive.
However, I must get back to the grindstone
at the corner of spanknasty and divine
where all roads lead to roam
and all God's chillen be willin'.
In other words,
welcome to the new website one and all.
Hats off to Sundar and Devin--
heads off to Caleb and Roland!!

The beta site is ready to be released to the wild. Devin has done a pretty tremendous job of putting up stubs for all the shows, and we're now prepared to have all the program hosts add their bios and pics and whatever other goodies they want to share with the world (should we be worried?).

The new site uses Drupal. We're moving away from Joomla, mainly because of the support that Drupal has, and the richness of the modules that are available for Drupal. The Station module is only one in a long list of cool modules we'll be putting to use on our site.

Our Equipment Needs

KRUU requires a lot of specialty equipment. As far as possible we're re-using hardware, and using free and open-source software. However, this only goes so far. What we need is equipment to make our broadcast MUCH better and more reliable.

To this end, YOU can help by either donating the equipment below, or contributing to assist with the purchase of this equipment. Contributions are simple - just click on the SUPPORT button at the top of this page, and you can donate via Paypal.

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KRUU-LP is a community-supported radio station. We would not be able to broadcast without the help of listeners like you!

Please donate today, so that we can be on the air tomorrow. Along with raising funds to support continuing operations, KRUU is raising funds for necessary capital projects.

If you would like to contribute towards a specific piece of equipment or project, please contact us here. All your contributions are tax-deductible, since KRUU-FM is a 501(c)3 non-profit.

See below for the long! list of ways to assist KRUU!

Sleepytime with Grandpa D.

Tuesdays 8-9pm

Hosted by Dick DeAngelis and his son Mickey, “Sleepytime” is designed to put all young listeners to sleep and help all the adults relax and get into the “chill groove”.

Already a favorite with our listeners, 11 year old Mickey helps his Dad read classic children’s bedtime stories. They also have guest readers. Occasionally a local musician will pop up and sing a lullaby or two. The show is usually finishes with a half hour of sweet, sweet music. Already a KRUU-FM classic!