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Champagne UncorkedTwo months ago on a stunningly beautiful October day, my wife and I met Alan Tardi at Agriturismo Il Torriglione in La Morra, a small Piemontese village in the Langhe.  Il Torriglione sits atop one of the many rolling hills dotted with grapevines, where the dominant grape is Nebbiolo in the Barolo wine-producing zone.  The Gagliasso family makes the only wines served at the agriturismo and winemaker Luca Gagliasso's mother and sister can be found in the kitchen or greeting hungry patrons on the weekend.

Over a bottle of their Barolo, and through many courses of typical Piemontese cuisine four hours slipped away unnoticed as we talked of family, wine, and champagne.  Our thanks to Alan for a fantastic afternoon that we will always treasure.

Great Taste listeners may remember hearing Alan discuss his James Beard award-winning book Romancing the Vine, previously on the show.  This interview was aired last year after the release of his latest tome about champagne.

The story of Champagne is a complex one with hundreds of years of history.  It is one of the most famous wines made in France.  A wine cannot be named Champagne unless the grapes are grown in one of the 320 appellations that comprise the entire Champagne area.

Fact:  Every champagne is not extraordinary.   I bet you have experienced some like that.

Many, though, can elicit a transcendent experience.  A few years ago, Alan was allowed access to one of the most famous and secretive champagne houses.

Dr. Robert Watson

If you are a history buff or political junkie, this show is for you. Our guest this week on Writers' Voices, Dr. Robert Watson, has been a professor for 22 years and written over 30 books, two encyclopedia sets and more than 150 book chapters, articles and essays on politics and American History. He has offered political analysis on all the major cable news networks and even appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Dr. Watson is also a newspaper columnist and blogs on Huffington Post.

Watson's latest book, "Affairs of State" divulges secrets and scandals from 1789 to 1900 in the White House. Compared to more recent Presidential scandals - well, as they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

We will also be discussing "Lincoln's Enduring Legacy", edited by Watson and two colleagues in 2011. 


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Jonathan Maxwell on "Murderous Intellectuals"

Murderous IntellectualsWriters Voices welcomes Georgia-based writer, Jonathan Maxwell, to the show this week. Jonathan is the author of "Murderous Intellectuals: German Elites and the Nazi SS". The book explores the reasons why so many well-educated professionals, from doctors, scientists, lawyers, etc, willingly joined the Nazi SS, the notorious group that spearheaded the Holocaust. The book has recieved several awards and rave reviews. Make sure to tune in for a fascinating conversation.

This week's features a very special Writers' Voices. Local artists Betsy Dockhorn, ToniBOOKS D'Orr, and John Stimson will all be guests to discuss the Book as Art Form.

Betsy Dockhorn will discuss her ongoing writing-based performance art project involving letters. Toni D'Orr, who creates meticulous tiny handmade books, will discuss her art. Both Betsy and Toni are involved with The Center for the Book, located in Iowa City. They will discuss what the Center for the Book is, what it does, and more. Also joining the conversation will be local artist John Stimson.

Don't miss this delightful conversation exploring the past, present, and future of the book!

GrandmothersGrandmother Mona, a Hopi, Havasupai, Tewa elder. She serves on several United Nations committees on indigenous people's issues and is a featured author, speaker,  and educator on indigenous people's human rights. Vanessa Vidal is currently the National Leader of the Global Mother Divine Organization in the United States. She is a trustee of Maharishi University of Management. MUM is hosting a gathering of the International Council of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers 1-3 October 2010.

Michael Cuddehe is the managing member of Seven Trust Global Advisors and the author of Chronicle of Catastrophe, A Contemporaneous History of the Bush Years.

Parsons College

Fairfield, Iowa
This week beginning Wednesday May 14th at 1pm CST, a new hour-long program called Parsons College Remembered, hosted by Dave Neff and Robert Tree, will begin airing Wednesdays at 1pm.

Learn more about the storied history of Fairfield's almost century-old collegiate insititution.


John GilmoreJohn Perry Barlow7pm Tue & 7am Thu.

This week's episode of Open Views is a re-broadcast of a talk from Cory Doctorow's Fulbright Chair Speaker Series, from the Center for Public Diplomacy. The talk features John Perry Barlow and John Gilmore, founders of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

In the world of hacker culture, and by association, the open source and free culture movements, the most important official group is probably the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). This is the group that works to protect your digital civil liberties no matter where in the world you are. The EFF is ostensibly an American organization. Their focus on the Internet, however, makes them quite universal.


This Saturday we'll have generations of A Fistful of Dallers' music. The first KRUU live feed from Café Paradiso, 8-10pm, (see James' recent post), will feature Adrien Daller singing accompanied by her brother Dain Daller on synthesized tracks, and by me, Doug Daller on piano.

Then my KRUU show, A Fistful of Daller's, 10-12pm, will feature the history of rock 'n' roll in the Daller family. My oldest brother, Bill Daller, will bring in his collection of the first 45 records in the Daller household. This, and AM radio in Detroit, is how my brothers and I got introduced to rock 'n' roll when it first began in the early 1950's.