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Anola Pickett on "Wasatch Summer"

Anola PickettCheryl Fusco Johnson takes hosting duties on Writers' Voices this week with guest Anola Pickett. Anola is the author of "Wasatch Summer", a historical juvenile fiction novel, that will be released next month by Cedar Fort. The book follows eleven-year old Hannah Turner on a coming of age journey, as she faces unlikely dangers as she watches her family's sheep in the mountains. 

A former teacher and school librarian, Anola has co-authored a classroom activity book, as well as books, magazine stories, and articles. Anola and her husband, Peter Dolye, have a son, Gerry, who's a novelist and journalist currently living in Abu Dhabi.

Dark Birthright"Dark Birthright" is a story reflecting the political, religious, and cultural dynamics of 17th century Scotland. It paints a picture of life in the Highlands, as well as the fisher folk and a village of witches worshipping the Goddess.

Author Jeanne Treat was born and raised in Western New York, near the shores of the mighty Niagara, the great-granddaughter of a Native American medicine woman. Dark Birthright was inspired by a vision Treat had in 2003. To research the book, she traveled to Scotland to visit castles, seaports, and stone circles, and talk to local historians.


Join Monica and Caroline Friday March 14 at 1 pm or Monday March 17 at 8 am as Jeanne Treat shares the journey that brought her vision to life on the printed page.

Author James TiptonFormer Fairfielder James Tipton will be the featured guest on Writers' Voices with Monica and Caroline this Friday at 1 pm (rebroadcast Monday at 8 am).

Tipton will discuss his recently published historical novel "Annette Vallon: A Novel of the French Revoluion," based on the life of William Wordsworth's French lover.

What about this woman, a footnote in literary history, inspired 15 years of research and writing?