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Rajasthani Food on Great Taste this Week

Neerja Maheshwari

It turns out the LIVE Great Taste show on Tuesday, April 4 should have been billed as "The Ghee Show."  Neerja Maheshwari shared her love for the food of her native Rajasthan with the ethusiastic crowd at Green Building Supply, and during our discussion it became evident that ghee is one of her favorite ingredients.  Makes sense since Rajasthan is the land of the Maharajas, and ghee is the royal essence of butter.

Neerja cooked dal baati, an indispensable dish that she grew up eating in Jaipur.  Three dahls form one part of the dish-split mung, urad, and channa.  They are cooked together with water salt and turmeric until the dahls break down and the mixture looks like a soup that is on the thin side of thick.  

Chef Eric RodriguezWhat a pleasure it was talking with Chef Eric Rodriguez of Everybody's Cafe at the Great Taste LIVE show.  The kitchen at Green Building Supply was really humming as Michael Zador, James Spielmaker, and Anna Shaner were assisting in the prep of several dishes.  

Everyone in attendance at the live show sampled nachos, a veggie wrap, bruschetta, and a roasted cauliflower soup. One common denominator of each dish was a simple vinaigrette-four dishes, four different vinaigrettes, and Chef Eric explained and showed how to make each one.

Cauliflower Soup

This was part of his presentation on what he terms "real" fusion cooking, which begins with bringing all five tastes-salty, sour, savory, bitter, and sweet into balance, plus considering how the other senses o

f sight, smell, and touch will come into play.  Add to that the interplay of the dish with our emotions, thoughts, and spirit, and the result is a "tantric dining experience."  

I'm going to continue exploring Chef Eric's "fusion" style in a follow-up interview scheduled for late February.

The next LIVE show at Green Building Supply is on Tuesday, March 7 with Chef Matt Steigerwald, former owner of the Lincoln Cafe and Lincoln Wine Bar in Mount Vernon, IA.

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A Chocolate Discussion with Matt Caputo

This is a special rebroadcast of one of our listeners' favorite shows. 

A few Salt Lake City update tidbits: Amano is still one of my favorite chocolates.  Pago, where Chef Phelix Gardner oversees the food, won best SLC restaurant 2014 from Salt Lake Magazine.  Tony Caputo's has a terrific website and it's easy to order from them

Next week: Claire Cheney on spices and a slice of the Fairfield Farmer's Market.

ONE MORE NOTE:  Showing at The Orpheum starting this Friday-The Lunch BoxThanks to Kristian Day for bringing this film to town!

It was a delicious experience being in Salt Lake City last week. I had excellent meals at the Copper Onion and Pago. More about those meals on the show.

Artisan ChocolatesI love chocolate so it was a treat to enjoy in SLC a brief Chocolate 101 session at Tony Caputo's Market and Deli. This "must" destination fine food shop downtown has its own cheese cave, an in-house salame maker, and a overwhelming number (more than 300) of cacao bean products including three types of rich chocolate drinks that should come with some type of government warning label.

The devil lurking behind these temptations is one of this week's guests, Matt Caputo. Here's how one website described him. "Matt Caputo is one of the world's most discerning connoisseur of fine chocolate bars. The award winning chocolate tasting classes he teaches at Tony Caputo's Market & Deli are highly recommended by many media outlets, chefs and even numerous international chocolate experts. His in-depth research is not limited to books and the internet, he has traveled the globe to meet and learn from the most respected chocolate makers in the world."

To bid on a seat at the table, send an email to

(Minimum bid is $25.) Simple as that. Sit back and enjoy a feast while supporting the greatest little community radio station in the world.

SALT - Tonight on Great Taste

7:00-8:00 PM

When ingredients come to mind you can't get more basic than Salt.  Find out a little about its history how to use it, its many different types, and the real story on salt and health.  Join us on Great Taste when we talk to the founder of the Cooking School of Aspen, co-founder of Salt Traders, and author Rob Seidfeld. 

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