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Pâte à Choux on GREAT TASTE this week-LIVE from Hy-Vee

Swan pastriesI am almost drooling with anticipation regarding Wednesday's GREAT TASTE.  It's our monthly show when the Indian Hills culinary students show off their skills so Curt Goudy and his crew will take the stage live at Hy-Vee from the Club Room/Kitchen Lab.  They are going to work with pâte à choux.  If you aren't familiar with the term, think profiteroles, éclairs, gougères, and much more.  Butter, water, flour, eggs equals ecstatic moments.


Ottumwa Courier/Chelsea DavisIt's not often in our little midwestern rural spot we get to experience having a world-class chef from Europe in our midst.  This week's GREAT TASTE features one hour with Chef Bertrand Simon in the Hy-Vee Club Room/Kitchen Lab.  Chef Simon, who teaches culinary arts in Lile, France, began his career in 1977.  He had the great fortune to work in the kitchens of Paris and other cities during the beginning of the "nouvelle cuisine" revolution so his skills were honed with the influences of traditional and new French techniques during a period of amazing culinary excitement.


Thats the kind of support you can expect from a radio show like P5K. 

Don't trust me?

Don't trust me!

Listen to this picture on the radio. 

Now "HOW?" you must be asking "can you get something like that to your front door with the minimal amount of effort?"

  • I won't lie
You can't. It's not easy. You have to use the dial.
Tune in and open your listening ducts.
Full open, it's that kind of radio show.

Bonus points to those with the strength to listen to the above image on the radio.