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Turkey sandwichWow, it's Wednesday.  I have been in St. Louis so that's why the LATE notice.  On the way out of town I stopped at Amighetti's, famous for their sandwiches on fresh Italian bread.  I hadn't enjoyed that treat in probably 20 years.

WE ARE AT HY-VEE TONIGHT AT 7:00 PM.  It's the Farm Crawl show with many of our local farmers.  We have vegetable pie, arugula salad, and maybe something else on the menu.  Not too sure, but it's going to be fun as always.  I hope to see you in the Club Room.

If you can't make it, for whatever reason, tune into the Great Taste stream on KRUU at 7:00 pm Wednesday or Friday at 7:00 am.  The Indian Hills Culinary crew will teach you how to make homemade mayo, ranch dressing, and some other declicious delights.

B. K. Loren at Prairie Lights Book Store


B. K. Loren's novel Theft won the 2012 Reading the West Award for Adult Fiction from the Mountains & Plains Independent Booksellers Association. Like Theft, her new nonfiction book Animal, Mineral, Radical reflects sustainability, wildlife, food, family, and community issues in prose so lyrical and lively that it feels poetic.

For a peek into the mind of an independent thinker whose writing has been shaped by her work as a naturalist, a large predator monitor for Colorado State Parks, an asistant chef, a ranch hand, a furniture maker, a UPS driver, a college professor, and a professional brainstormer, tune in to The Studio this week! 

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Indian Hills StudentsKitchen activity is easy when you have the proper skills, plus it's great to know how to make essential condiments so you don't have to buy the packaged variety.  Mayo and ranch dressing are two perfect examples.  Savannah Strode and Kellie Kuenzler, students in the Indian Hills Culinary Arts program, are going to show us how easy it is to do these two preparations at home.  Your sandwiches, salads, and dips will taste better than ever. 

So what are they going to use the mayo and ranch dressing on?  How about potato salad-two different types for the mayo, and chips and chicken breast strips to go with the ranch.  Perfect for summer fun.

I think they might put their skills in action mixing up some fresh-squeezed lemon and limeade, too.

There is so much going on lately during each show I can't even tell you about my recent eating adventures in Northern California, Las Vegas, and Mt. Vernon, IA.  That's a real teaser.

Poor Man's Feast coverLive at Hy-Vee on Wednesday night we have two authors via Skype that I am very excited to have on the show.  First up is James Beard Award-winning author Elissa Altman.  Her newest book is Poor Man's Feast:  A Love Story of Comfort, Desire, and the Art of Simple Cooking.  I think you can understand Elissa's take on food byThe Cassoulet Saved our Marriage cover reading this excerpt from her website: 

 So, what is Poor Man’s Feast really about?
It’s about sustenance in the face of pretense.
It’s about authenticity in the face of the artificial.
It’s about simplicity in the face of the tarted-up.
It’s about kindness in the face of the rude.
It’s about storytelling — mine, my family’s, yours, your family’s — and how those stories are inextricably bound up with what we feed ourselves and those we love, what we eat at times of joy, sorrow, delight, surprise, fear, and sadness. And it’s always about slowing down a little bit.

Our second guest is Lisa Catherine Harper, one half of the editing team, along with Caroline Grant, that put together, The Cassoulet Saved Our Marriage: True Tales of Food, Family, and How We Learn to Eat.  The book brings to the table 29 different writer's perspectives on food, family, and learning to eat.  You will absolutely experience an emotional roller coaster reading this collection of essays, which, in its essence is about nourishing our body and spirit.  Lisa is the author of the award-winning book, A Double Life:  Discovering Motherhood.



Farmer's Market vendorsJoin us this Wednesday at 7:00 pm on KRUU for our annual Farmer's Market show.  There is a bounty of information about the upcoming market season, and some insights into what delicious varieties of veggies we can expect.  Our participants included Barb Grijalva, Back to the Basics, Claude Nicholson, Sharon's Produce, Kim Keller, Blooming Acres, Dixie and Bob Mettitt, Tenco Tomatoes, Ana Victoria Braun, local market promoter, Steve McLaskey, MUM Organic Farm, and Jan Swinton, Hometown Harvest.

Also, our health coach, Emily Rose Shaw continued her introduction to the GBombs with an introduction to how beans can play a critical role in improving our health.  We had some fun with that topic.

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Map of ItalyLive at Hy-Vee on Wednesday at 7:00 pm it's Italian food, fun, and family as we welcome SOFIA, the Society of Fairfield Italian Americans, to the show.  SOFIA members will share stories and treasured family recipes, plus they will prepare several dishes-farinata, minestra, fresh-baked Italian bread, and fried peppers Calabrese-style.  Join us in the Club Room for a celebration of Italian life.  Also, Emily Rose Shaw kicks off her new weekly health and nutrition segment with helpful information and tips on how to feel your best.

Fish TacosOn the KRUU stream at 7:00 pm Wednesday is our show from last week.  That was a 60-minute non-stop food happening.  Emily Rose Shaw started the hour with an introduction to her upcoming weekly health and nutrition appetizer segment.  She was followed by the queen of eating healthy and delicious on a food stamp budget, Linda WatsonJan Swinton provided the latest triumphs on the local food scene.  Joy Salmon introduced us to cornbread three ways.  Jeffrey Smith put in perspective how Whole Foods decision to label GMO's will play out in the rest of the food industry. And, chef Vanessa Allen prepared guacamole, slaw, and salsa to go along with her blackened fish tacos.  Whew!  Have fun listening.


Romancing the VineWe have a double dose of Italy planned on Wednesday live from the Hy-Vee Club room. 

James Beard award-winning author, Alan Tardi, joins us via Skype to discuss Piemontese cuisine, and his experiences after a decade of living in the Italian countryside.  Alan left his career as a chef in New York City, closing his fabulous Tuscan-style restaurant, Follonico, and moving to the Langhe Valley in Piemonte in 2003, a region known for its amazing grapes.

With Laurie Baumann's assistance, we'll prepare a couple of typical Piemontese delights.  Join us at 7:00 pm for a delicious and informative hour.

ON THE AIR: Get set for a jam-packed sixty minutes of Thai flavors.  Sean Hickey was our chef in-residence last week, and he turned out three sparkling dishes that wowed the live audience.

Live at Hy-Vee this week we're going to spice things up with Thai food.  Local student of culture and climates, Sean Hickey, will prepare three dishes-dry-style street noodle, chicken rice soup, and kao soy.  Gisella Isidori will visit with us, and we're going to talk about a special Italian trip coming up in June.

Corey and AnnaIf you can't make it to Hy-Vee, join us on the web for our tea show with Bruce Richardson and Corey MorrowBruce is a world-reknowned expert on the Camellia sinensis, while Corey brews the leaves up locally at earth and water.

It was an evening filled with knowledge, history, practical tips, and some laughter about the world of tea.  We tasted four different types of tea so if you would like to taste along with us, here's what to find (or something close) at your local tea purveyor-Silver Needle (white), Wu Yu Green Mist (green), Ti Guan Yin (oolong), and Assam Gold (assam).  Bake some scones, invite a group of friends over, (don't pre-boil the water), and experience some of the infinite aromas and tastes that come from one, that's right, one--in case you didn't know--plant.

Great Taste is live at Hy-Vee on Wednesday at 7:00 pm CT, and on the air with our previously recorded show at the same time.  The show airs this Friday at 7:00 am CT and again next Wednesday at 7:00 pm CT.  The tea show will be rebroadcast on Friday, March 8 at 2:00 pm CT. See Chai recipe by clicking "Read more" below.



Curt Goudy and Sara ValentineThis week it's the final appearance for Indian Hills Culinary Arts program students Curt Goudy and Sara Valentine, who have been monthly regulars for over a year.  They are getting ready to go on their externships and graduation is lurking after those are completed.   It's a fight to the finish between the two with an "Iron Chef" culinary competition.  We'll pick the judges from our Club Room audience.  

Also, my latest observations on the dining scene after a week on the road-some surprises, and other spots that never miss.

IMPORTANT PROGRAM NOTE:  Starting this Wednesday, February 20, GREAT TASTE broadcasts will be recorded live in Hy-Vee's Club Room Wednesday nights from 7-8 pm CT and aired the following Wednesday during the same time slot (with a rebroadcast on Friday at 7:00 am CT).  This change is so KRUU can provide its listeners with a quality audio production of Great Taste each week.