Kris Delmhorst
For Easter week in Barranquilla, most folks go to the beach. After a couple glorious days in the water and only a few minor patches of sunburn, I've defintely got the sea fever - so this week's theme on Lyrical Venus is Ocean! Seems like when a singer-songwriter gets inspired by the sea, she gets really inspired - most of the songs this week are in pairs, written by the same artist. Two by Dar Williams, two by Ingrid Michaelson, two by Rachel Ries, two by Sharon Bousquet... you get the idea! Tune in Tuesday at 9 am and take a trip to the beach!

Cara Dillon

"Farewell to old Ireland, the land of my childhood
Which now and forever I am going to leave
Farewell to the shores, where the shamrock is growing
It's the bright spot of beauty and the home of the brave"

~ The Emigrant's Farewell
Traditional, Sung by Cara Dillon

In honor of St. Patrick's day, Lyrical Venus is bringing you a pot of golden voiced lassies to charm your ears. This week's playlist is also a special treat in that it was put together by my dear friend Megan Glomb, who is much more knowledgeable in Celtic music than I. With artists like Sinead O'Conner, Loreena McKennitt, Cherish the Ladies, Maire Brennan and more, you're sure to get an hour's worth of Irish musical goodness! (Even if I butcher the names of the tunes as I announce them, poor things...) Tune in at the top o' the mornin! (9 am Tuesday).

Katy Perry
"You're so edgy
You don't even need a rhyming dictionary
I wipe my hands on your jeans
Cause they are more distressed"

- Katy Perry, Simple

This week the thing all the ladies on The Lyrical Venus Radios hour have in common is they've all played at the Hotel Cafe in LA. The amazing singer-songwriter listening room/coffee shop has hosted the likes of KT Tunstall, Ingrid Michaelson, Rachael Yamagata, Imogen Heap, The Weepies, Sara Bareilles and many, many more! Tune in to hear a few!

Dar Williams

Calling the moon
Cause I know what it’s worth
To tug at the seas and illumine the earth
Oh I am calling the moon
Dar Williams, Calling The Moon

Last week there was a full lunar eclipse and in honor of the occasion I've chosen 16 songs that have something or other to do with that luminous celestial body we call the Moon. Long associated with the feminine, the moon has provided all sorts of musical inspiration for the female singer-songwriters this week, like the twangy Fever Moon by Diana Jones, the dreamy Long Night Moon by Catie Curtis, the bubbly Catch the Moon by Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell, and the thumping My Moon My Man by Feist. Tune in and fill your ears with the light of their music!  Complete playlist here.

"I'm here, loving you, drowning in you
between photos and notebooks
between things and memories
that I can't understand.
I'm driving myself crazy.
Mixing up my foot and my face,
the night and the day.
There's nothing I can do."
~ Shakira, Estoy Aqui (I'm Here)

Kina Grannis
The Subject Tonight
(ahem, Tuesday morning) is Love

The subject tonight is Love
And for tomorrow night as well,
As a matter of fact
I know of no better topic
For us to discuss
Until we all
~ Hafiz

Boy, choosing the songs for the Valentine show was HARD, because there are sooo many good love songs! This week on the Lyrical Venus Radio Hour you'll find a range of happy love songs, sad ones, songs about longing for love, love stories, and even a couple about how hard it can be to write a love song. I'll also take a quick break mid-way to read a few short love poems by Hafiz. Whatever your status is, you can have 14 lovely ladies sing to you for an hour if you tune in on Tuesday at 9am! Happy Valentine's! See the complete playlist.

Guitar and Toes
"I have this fear of falling

Even though I hear it calling

I'd rather stay right here

it's safer anyway"

- Fear of Falling, Jennifer Kravassi


If the singing, songwriting ladies this week on Lyrical Venus have any Fear of Falling, they Never Give Up, and they Don't Cry over a Wasted Word, they just Slowly Slowly look for The Easy Way to get Down The Mountain. Even if they Never Meant to let their Feelings Show, and it seems like they're Learning Too Slow, they Can't Stop until all the Loose Ends are tied up. Tune in Starting Now (well, Tuesday at 9AM) for some Easy Pearls of sweet music, and to hear the songs behind the titles.

Tara Gorman pic for Eden's Hour radio flyer
Tonight I'll be visiting the exciting musical territories of bands such as Apples in Stereo, Beirut, and a few songs from the hypnotic folk/punk trio the Cave Singers.
Catch these treats and more alphabetical order of course!