Beaucoup ShaktiCome down from the tree
Come down from the mountaintop
Your high horse can run free
If you come down
~ Come Down From the Tree, Beaucoup Shakti

Lyrical Venus favorites Beaucoup Shakti are performing in a full show in Fairfield on Saturday, and in honor of the occasion, we'll be playing an extended set of songs from their latest CD, How Spirit Sings.  Also on the playlist for this week's full-music show is some brand new Susan Gibson, Gayla Drake Paul, Lelia Broussard and more!

Tune in from 9-10am Central for your weekly dose of music by women!

Emily ShirleyLittle windows, little tree
Little fire, come back to me
It's been a while now since we spent time
And I miss you
~ Taking the Sun, Emily Shirley

Graphic designer, photographer, mother and musician, Austinite Emily Shirley must also know a thing or two about juggling because she seems to be keeping all those creative balls in the air with grace.  

Her indie-alternative Tiny Truths EP is lush and layered. The production sets Emily's sultry-sweet vocals against a backdrop of plucked strings and marching band drums on one track and crunchy electric guitars on the next. Ranging from quirky to quiet in the span of just five songs, Tiny Truths is a great appetizer for those looking to cleanse their pallet of sugar-sweet pop.

Join me Tuesday, December 7th from 9-10am Central for your weekly dose of music by female singer-songwriters and to get to know Emily.  She will be calling in at 9:30.

Lyrical Venus Eats Music

I'm on vacation in Colombia this week, but thanks to the powers of the interwebs, I am able to beam you a delicious feast for your ears all the way from Medellin.

This carefully crafted musical meal may make more sense if you check out the playlist, but once you get home, and after some dancing in the kitchen, if you're hungry, there are potatoes, cranberries, celery, nutritious whole grains, even a few pistachios and cupcakes!

Happy Thanksgiving from Lyrical Venus! Tune in Tuesday 11/23 from 9-10am Central and don't miss a (sound)bite!

P.S. Musical feasts are for listening only, please don't eat your iPod.

EllisI'm coming home to you
Like a lighthouse in the dark
I reach for you whenever we're apart
~ Coming Home to You, Ellis

Minnesota-based singer-songwriter Ellis has been busy since her last visit to Fairfield, including working on a new album and showcasing at the Sundance Film Festival!  With her sweet voice, gigantic grin and heart-opening songs, I'm sure she made a whole bunch more new fans. 

New fans and longtime fans in the area can see her live at Cafe Paradiso on Saturday 2/13 at 8pm!

Tune in to Lyrical Venus on Tuesday morning to catch up with Ellis. The show starts at 9:00 am central, Ellis will call in around 9:30.

Lauren Zettler
Someone wrap themselves around me
Wear my edges down won't you please?

~ Shapes, Lauren Zettler

Lauren Zettler is a savvy DIY type of gal. The bio on her website talks about her journey to musicianhood, from the childhood dream, to the detours due bouts of practicalness, to the lightning-bolt epiphany that the “jealous tears”
at every musical performance she attended were probably not necessary
and that she should follow her heart.

Tune in Tuesday from 9-10am for music by great female singer-songwriters and for the interview with Lauren, including a preview of some tracks from her soon-to-be-released EP!

Amie Penwell


Show me to the river, somewhere to wash away this feeling,
these days of disbelieving.

~ Show Me to the River, Amie Penwell

Marin County singer-songwriter Amie Penwell just released her debut full-length album King in a Temple this past November.  The first thing that hits you on hearing the album is the voice. A voice for Gospel, or like the voice of an angel lowered an octave as it says on her website.  It's an apt description.  Amie's voice not just soulful, you really do feel like it's a healing balm to sooth away the pain of life she sings about in her songs, and turn it into something beautiful.

Join me Tuesday from 9-10 am for new songs from the new Catie Curtis and Meg Hutchinson albums, plus the interview with Amie at 9:30.

Kate Graves


The lovely Kate Graves is busy getting her new album "Love Songs For The Neurotic" ready for release but she's taking some time out for an interview on Lyrical Venus this Tuesday. I've gotten to preview some of the songs and they are delightful little gems I've had on repeat all day! I love this quote about her voice:

"Kate's voice is the Long Island Ice Tea of voices. It's One part
Lucinda, two part Emmylou, with a twist of Norah Jones." ~Paul
Godbout, lead singer of Secret Sobriety

Come have a listen yourself and see what Paul means.

Tune in Tuesday from 9-10am for songs by female singer-songwriters, interview at 9:30.

Shannon HurleyShannon Hurley was named one of the Top 25 Artists on MySpace by Rolling Stone Magazine.  She wasn't available for an on-air interview, but check out for her email interview, and tune in for an extended set of her music this morning on Lyrical Venus Radio!

Miranda Mallard
Miranda Mallard has a wide range of vocal talents from classical to folk to jazz and more.  Hear her sing a Mozart piece from a live recording of her Senior recital and then a jazzy latin flavored song with her band Rock Paper Scissors.

After that, I'll try to play a song from rest of the artists I interviewed in 2008 that  wasn't able to play last week.  So much good music!

Winter Songs
Rock Paper Scissors

It's cold outside but there's plenty of good music on the radio to give you warm fuzzies! Tune in for a set off the Hotel Cafe Winter Songs compilation with new originals and fun new takes on classic songs by the talented ladies from The Hotel Cafe Tour.

We'll also have a sneak preview set from the brand new album by some other talented ladies - the Fairfield band Rock Paper Scissors. They are releasing the album this Friday the 19th! (click the pictures for more info about the albums)

Polka Dot Dot Dot by Erin SkipperPolka Dot Dot Dot's Colleen and Onyx super charged their musical instruments before their in studio performance on Eden's Hour so you're in for an enchanted passionflower-infused evening.

This Bicycle Records trio draws on a range of inspirations from ancient midieval harmonies to modern day barbershop quartets, Olympia based Polka Dot Dot Dot have been brewing a batch of folk music that is whimsical and beautiful, sometimes hauntingly so. They describe their sound as"tectonic plates swaying their hips (and clapping their hands)"... and you will most likely find yourself doing both when you listen to them.