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Part 2 continues with Composers John Williams, Michael Ciacchino and Alexandre Desplat's Newest Scores Highlighted and More!




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Composers John Williams, Michael Ciacchino and Alexandre Desplat's Newest Scores Highlighted and More!

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pic From the first vampire flick, Nosferatu in 1929 to Dracula Untold, this famous villain continues to frighten, seduce and devour his victims and audiences have hardly left the theater scared for more. Well, almost, though he hasn't lost any steam in over a century.

We showcase music from a dozen of Drac's best: Bram Stokers Dracula; John Williams; Interview with a Vampire; The Twilight Saga; Van Helsing; to the HAMMER Flicks to Dark Shadows and More!

Sometimes, Drac gets the 'Bloodbank Blues'. Tune in for Thrills and exceptional scores Wed 3-4pm CST!

picYou decide if these scores are equal to or betterpicpic than the films themselves. Rupert Gregson-Williams "admirable job at capturing the spirit and essence of this most iconic of female characters" in "Wonder Woman"; Tyler Bates entertaining music to "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2"; Brian Tyler's stylish action/adventure score that can't be understated, "The Mummy" and more. 

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PicCharacters in costumes abound galore on Halloween and the enduring visceral power of music in fright films has us 'listening to fear'.

Selections from "Batman"; "The Wolfman"; 4 Dracula films; "Trick 'r Treat"; "Devil"; "Fright Night"; "Phantom of the Opera"; "Scary Move 4"; "Amazing Spider-Man" and a track from the new "Doctor Strange" will embrace you in thrilling palpitations elicited inside of you.

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One can't help take notice when a new John Williams score is released. His Spielberg collaboration on "The BFG" is delightful from start to finish. And Alexandre Desplat finally gets his long awaited wish to create a score where jazz meets orchestra in "The Secret Life of Pets."

Also selections from "Zootopia", "Legend of Tarzan", "Alice Through the Looking Glass", "The Brothers Grimm", "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" and more! 

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Pic"The Hateful Eight" is 87 year old Maestro Morricone's first western score in almost 4 decades and "is a masterwork of suspense and drama that harkens back to the crime thrillers and horror films of decades past." Winning the Globe trophy this year, "the music's structure may test the patience of some, but the final result goes beyond the desired effect to create a truly memorable experience."

Also highlighted are selections from John WilliamsPic "Star Wars The Force Awakens"; Ryūichi Sakamoto's "The Revenant"; Daniel Pemberton "Steve Jobs"; Nicholas Britell's "The Big Short"; Carter Burwell "Carol"; Michael Brook "Brooklyn"; Alexandre Desplat "The Danish Girl" And More!

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PicMovie music in the 21st century has never been more vital and robust and it's only just begun after an amazing 20th century. Todays highlights include John Williams awaitPiced "The Force Awakens"; Alan Silvestri's "Polar Express"; "The Peanuts Movie"; "MI- Rogue Nation"; "Sprectre"; "Lord of the Rings"; "HPotter and The Chamber of Secrets"; "Krampus" and "Hugo."

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This weeks Movie Music highlights include "Trumbo"; "The Peanuts Movie"; "Pan"; "Goosebumps"; A new one from Ennio Morricone, "En mai fais ce qu’il te plaît(In May, Do What You Like)"; "The Martian"; "Spectre"; "Victor Frankenstein"; "Terminator Genisys"; and one of James Horner's finest ""An American Tail."

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picWith a heavy and saddened heart the world has lost James Horner, one of the most subtle, stirring and astonishingly prolific Film Music composers. Flying solo in his small plane crashed just north of Santa Barbara on June 22. He was only 61. A kind, gentle and sweet man who made movies come alive through over 100 scores. I highlight a handful of his music most of us will never forget.

"Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan", "a score and a movie that stands as a highpoint in science fiction, bold writing that would blast Horner off to become one of the dominant musical forces in Hollywood." "Apollo 13", easily among the best scores of the 1990's. Horner's "Legends of the Fall" has it all, great themes, intimate romance, epic drama and tragedy. "Casper", Horner unleashes through this pure creative originality and charm. Scoring "Avatar" was Horner's most difficult job to a gamechanging film. Next, few superhero scores of the 2000's and 2010's are allowed to be so expressive and genuinely heartfelt as "The Amazing Spider-Man." "The Rocketeer" reveals how Horner incorporates rich instrumentals in the tiniest crevices. And "Titanic" is one of the defining moments in modern film scoring as the movie was a towering achievement in 1997 and still is today. And More Wed July 1, 3-4pm. My Ultra Lounge show precedes at 2pm.