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The Filmosophers movie talk

Happy happy holiday joy dear Beloveds.  La La Land poster

As far as new movie releases go, the elephant in the room is perhaps the most anticipated film of the year- Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The Filmosophers on the other hand, (this one, anyway :) are going to continue to "beat-the-drums" for a film most of us weren't even aware of a while back- La La Land. I've only read about it and seen one trailer. I began to learn more after it won the Audience Award at the Toronto Film Festival (TIFF). "Written and directed by Academy Award (R) nominee Damien Chazelle (Whiplash), La La Land tells the story of Mia [Emma Stone], an aspiring actress, and Sebastian [Ryan Gosling], a dedicated jazz musician, who are struggling to make ends meet in a city known for crushing hopes and breaking hearts. Set in modern day Los Angeles, this original musical about everyday life explores the joy and pain of pursuing your dreams." I'm prone to hyperbole (cause it can be fun) and jumped on La La Land as THE film of 2016. Since then I've become very confident in a few things. First, I believe it will win the Oscar for Best Picture; Damien Chazelle for Best Director and more. This is a musical, a genre that was almost dormant, so the box office outlook may be comparatively muted. I think it will surprise at the box office and do big business. Then, La La Land's success will reinvigorate the musical genre. We can anticipate more musicals. Perhaps most importantly, just by knowing the story and catching a glimpse of what Chazelle has created convinced me: a divided-weary nation dealing with sharp, post-election emotions will resonate with and yearn for this retro/modern/magical/musical love-story experience. La La Land will soon become a cultural phenomenon. There, I've said it. Now, in the Christmas Carol words of the immortal Tiny Tim: "God bless us... everyone." Love ~B

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The Filmosophers movie talk

The new Ghostbusters reboot makes it's long anticipated debut in theaters this Cafe Society posterweekend and we're happy to report the buzz is good. "Melissa McCarthy, Kristin Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones make a formidable Ghostbuster's comic team in their own right -N.Y. Post. "Angry nerds, take note: The ladies are the best thing about this franchise reboot. McKinnon is a spontaneous eruption of hellfire hilarity." - Peter Travers, Rolling Stone.

Indications are Woody Allen's latest: Cafe Society will intrigue fans of his films and the film world. "A glittering valentine to the movie stars, socialites, playboys, debutantes, politicians, and gangsters who epitomized the excitement and glamour of 1930's Hollywood." Jesse Eisenberg plays (and looks) the classic Woody character. "Romantic, bittersweet and funny as hell, Café Society turns Hollywood inside out, rooting through the superficial tinsel to find the real tinsel." - Rex Reed

Phantom Boy is the new animated film from the folks who made the 2010 Oscar nominated A Cat in Paris. "Action-packed and emotionally potent." "Once again the French filmmakers bring a design sense and a set of storytelling influences unlike anything happening in feature-length cartoons today." - AV Club. This review reminds us of the similarly titled Brazilian animated film Boy And The World, also Oscar nominated in 2015 for Best Animated film. It's a unique audio/visual experience we look forward talking about on the Filmosophers, with Chris Busch & Bruce Miller, where we give our filmosophy of the movies and have filmosophical discussions. "Life is a comedy. Written by a sadistic comedy writer." - Bobby (Jesse Eisenberg), Cafe Society

Karen Borger forged her creative career as an award-wining filmmaker and meida designer. Her portfolio includes documentaries, short films and television commercials in Australia, Asia and the United States. She works between Australia an the US creating engaging and entertaining projects with international story lines and themes.



Natascha Vega-Pertuz is an Account Supervisor at Grey Advertising Agency, where she has been part of the P&G Gillette Global team.  Ms. Vega-Pertuz has been chosen to work with The Womanity Foundation, in Paris and in Geneva in January 2015.


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Fairfield's Movie Man Part 2

Join host, Andrew Tint as he highlights the issues facing Generation Y.

This week Andrew Tint talks with Orpheum Theater's Modern American Cinema's Kristian Day, Fairfield's filmic renaissance man and Orpheum impressario.

Kristian Day attended the University of Colorado at Denver in the Music Industry Studies program. In 2006, he began recording soundtracks for films such as 100 Tears (2007), Am I Evil (2007), and Ron Atkins' Mutilation Mile (2009). He alsooffered sound design for the Saw IV (2007) music video of Solidium's 'Trapped'.

In 2008, Kristian began directing and producing his own movies. His short films have played all over the world including Austria, Greece, and Italy. His films have also been screened at various festivals in cities across the United States including Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago.

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Food and Film-A Perfect Pair with Caroline M. Grant

Dinner RushIt was so much fun discussing food in films with Caroline M. Grant.  Caroline and her collaborator, Lisa Catherine Harper, are the editors of The Cassoulet Saved Our Marriage, a fascinating book of diverse essays focussed on "true tales of food, family, and how we learn to eat."

Caroline is an avid movie lover so we spent the hour talking about some of our favorite films where food plays a role like Ang Lee's Eat Drink Man Woman and its Westernized counterpart, Tortilla SoupDinner Rush, The Big Night, Moonstruck, and others were part of the banter before time ran out.  We had many other films on our list, but I'm curious how the ones we ended up talking about fit in with your favorites.  Let me know.  Send your comments to

Steve Briggs is the author of the book, India Mirror of Truth, A Seven Year Pilgrimage. Mr Briggs will discuss his time in India visiting ashrams and holy places from Kerala to the high Tibetan plateau.

A facinating discussion with Tommy Edison, the blind film critic. Blind since birth, Mr Edison discusses his unique perspective on film. He has also worked in radio for over twenty five years.

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Making a Movie with Caterina Titus

Caty TitusFor most writers, going from concept to finished product is a mostly solitary pursuit, and getting across the finish line is largely dependent on your own efforts.  With the sefl-publishing technology available today, you don't necessarily need anyone else in order to publish your work. But for a screenwriter, getting the script finished is only half the battle - if that.  What does it take to get a movie made?

Join Monica and Caroline on Writers' Voices this week as they talk to Caterina Titus, of to learn more about the screenwriter's journey.  Caty is the co-writer of “Pyaar” - a social political feature film (with Stuart Tanner,) and romantic dramedy "Between Worlds" (with actor/director Ruben Pla.) Her goal is to create films that address the issues of globalization. For the last five years she has been developing a valuable network of contacts in the film industry as she focuses on getting her movies made.

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This week on "Ear Fillers"

Ear Fillers Cinerama episode


Hear with your mind and watch with your ears. This week Ear Fillers heads to the cinema. Guaranteed popcorn-ready and Oscar-worthy.

Ennio Morricone, John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Henry Mancini, and more!

What On Earth?The crop circles phenomenon has fascinated and baffled many people for years. On the next Writers' Voices, host Monica Hadley, along with "Filmosopher" Bruce Miller, delve deeper into this topic through a discussion with filmmaker Suzanne Taylor. Suzanne never intended to become a filmmaker, but through witnessing crop circles and finding they filled her with wonder and joy, she was overcome with a desire to share the experience with everyone. Her film, "What On Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery", speaks with a wide range of crop circle researchers and aficionados, from visionary artists, philosophers, scientists, educators and farmers, who discuss their thoughts and theories about this phenomena. With no theory presented as "correct", the film allows the viewer to decide for themselves what they think. The film has recieved several awards and positive reviewers from The New York Times and Rosie O'Donell.

Lawrence Roeck is an accomplished director of feature films and Scott Eastwooddocumentaries. Most recently he directed the international art forgery movie Carmel-by-the-Sea starring Lauren Bacall, Alfred Molina, Hayden Panettiere and Josh Hutcherson. He also filmed Clint Eastwood for the Morgan Freeman narrated documentary produced by Warner Brothers. The Eastwood Factor.

Scott Eastwood, son of legendary actor and filmmaker, Clint Eastwood, is a film actor. Scott has appeared in the films Flags of Our Fathers, Pride, and Gran Torino. Lawrence and Scott are currently working on The Crags, an action thriller that will premiere in 2012. 

Seymour Fliegel is author of the book, Miracle in East Harlem. It is the story of how Mr. Fliegel took the lowest performing school in New York City's public school system and turned it into a model school. He currently heads the Center for Educational Innovation. Mr. Fliegel has twice been invited to the White House to be honored for his work in public education.