Ellen Chenoweth

Ellen Chenoweth

Ms.Ellen Chenoweth is one of Hollywood’s top casting directors. Ellen was raised in the Midwest & South, attended college in Virginia. She moved to NYC where she started working in theatre. After a short period of time, Ellen landed a job at the Actors Studio where Lee Strasberg was the artistic director. Inspired by Strasberg’s teachings, Ellen became skilled as a casting director and started spending time in Los Angeles. She got to know Barry Levinson and eventually cast his first movie, "Diner". Some of the films she has been casting director for include: Terms of Endearment, The Natural, Ruthless People, Broadcast News, Bugsy, Toys, A Bronx Tale, Six Degrees of Separation, Wag the Dog, the Horse Whisper, My Favorite Year, and dozens more films. Ms.Chenoweth has recently been working with the Coen brothers and George Clooney. Her next job will be a Coen movie called "Burn After reading" with George Clooney & Frances McDormand. After that, the movie version of the Broadway show "Doubt".

Omer Ismail

Omer Ismail, born in El Fashir, Western Sudan. After graduating from Khartoum University, he worked as research assistant to Dr. Mansour Khalid, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs in Operation Life Line Sudan, the largest relief operation in the world at the time. He fled Sudan after the NIF (National Islamic Front) took power in 1989 and since lived as a refugee in the US. He returned to the United Nations to serve in Somalia between 1992-1994.

In Washington, he helped found the Sudan Democratic Forum, a think tank of Sudanese intellectuals working for advancement of democracy in Sudan. He is the spokesperson for The Darfur Union an advocacy group and the co-founder of Darfur Peace and Development.

Mr. Ismail is currently a Fellow at Harvard University's.