Instituto Mises Ecuador

La Nueva Hora Latina y su afitrion Gilberto Rodriguez los invita a escuchar la entrevista a Nelson Paz y Miño, editor del Instituto Mises de Ecuador, donde hablaremos sobre el instituto, los mercados, economia, y otros temas. Tambien comentaremos acerda de la situacion economica de Ecuador y las consecuencias de las politicas economicas del gobierno.

There will be a transcript in English as well for those interested.

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Michael H. Shuman discusses "Local Dollars, Local Sense"

Local Dollars, Local SenseMichael ShumanEconomist, attorney, author, and entrepreneur, Michael H. Shuman has authored, coauthored, or edited eight books, including, the award-winning, "The Small-Mart Revolution", "Going Local", and, his most recent, "Local Dollars, Local Sense: How to Shift Your Money from Wall Street to Main Street and Achieve Real Prosperity"(Chelsea Green Publishing). In this new book, Michael shows investors how to use their money to help local businesses and build resilient regional economies.

Considering that not even 1 percent of the $30 trillion Americans' have in long-term savings touches local small businesses, his book serves as a much needed resource and guide through the growing realm of local investment choices—from institutional lending to investment clubs and networks, local investment funds, community ownership, local stock exchanges, crowdfunding, and more.

Eben Lazarus is a third year economics major at the University of Pennsylvania. He was recently an intern at the DC think tank, the Center for Global Development. Eben is currently in Senegal, studying the economics of the region. He will then go to Mekhe, Senegal to work with a microfinance company. Eben will be speaking to us live from Senegal.

Jonathan FreemanJonathan Freeman joined the US Army and in 2005 deployed to Taji, Iraq as an Artillery Officer attached to an Armor Company. He deployed again to Iraq in February 2007 to train an Iraqi Army unit. He left active duty in April with the rank of Captain. In June of 2008, he joined the Obama for America campaign as the Deputy Director of Veterans and Military Families Outreach. Since then, Jonathan has been working for the Obama Administration at the Pentagon as the Deputy White House Liaison.

GreenspanRenowned economist and New York Times best selling author, Dr. Ravi Batra returns to Writers' Voices to talk about the economy and what we have to look foreward to. We will be focusing on his book, Greenspan's Fraud, a hard-hitting and comprehensive look at Alan Greenspan's career.

Greenomics, Batra argues, has extracted trillions of dollars in excess taxes from the American middle class, lowered wages for working families, and hurled millions into poverty. Batra demonstrates how Greenspan unwittingly brought about a global crash; how he helped spread the virus of regressive taxation, which is the main culprit behind stagnating wages around the world.

Attorney Paul Gandy
, whose practice specializes in issues related to consumer debt, will guest co-host with Monica Hadley.

Tune in to KRUU 100.1 FM this Friday, January 2, at 1pm and help us welcome Dr. Batra back to the show.

The New Golden AgeWriters' Voices Explores Economic Crisis as we speak with world-renowned economist Dr. Ravi Batra. In his new book, "The New Golden Age: The Coming Revolution against Policial Corruption and Economic Chaos", he argues that nations pass through three eras with the military, intellectuals and priests, and the wealthy, alternately dominating society. He concludes that the age of money is about to end in America and Europe. History reveals that the age of the wealthy always ends in a social revolution followed by a golden age of peace, prosperity, and ethical values.

Local attorney Paul Gandy, whose practice specializes in issues related to consumer debt, will guest cohost with Monica Hadley. Tune in to KRUU 100.1 FM this Friday, November 14, at 1pm for this illuminating interview.