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  • Sat
    Jan 12
    1:00 pm -
    2:00 pm

feel good

latest and greatest


this feeling can't me missed.

get some of my favoritie new tunes

This week it all turns out to be very similar in genre.

I'll let you decide what type that actually is.





Goodness I have some GRRRRRREAT music for you and your friends!

It's time for the newest addition to ECLECTIC AUDIOPHILE. 

Here's a song from this weekend's show... 


Love to you all!

  • Sat
    Nov 17
    1:00 pm -
    2:00 pm


It feels good to be back! 

I did a two month stay in the mountains of Northern California. It was so beautiful!

I forgot how good a bed with a thick comforter feels on a cold day!

Here is my newest show ready for the listen! 

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Satisfied Consumer





Well, the list is long and varied for the show.


Check out the playlist, come for the Beethoven, stay for the Eels....



The G Man

Eden's Hour Radio

Due to technical difficulties this show did not air at its original time. It will broadcast tonight at 9pm CDT.

For the love of Patty Duke, I'll lbe featuring some songs from the Patty Duke Fanzine compilation. Alongside the flashback there will be good things old and new ...very new to me any way. Like Yacht, Jona Bechtolt's one-man band formerly musically paired with talented Khaela Maricich of the Blow

frantiI aim to please....This week's feast offers some new tastes, sounds and delicious recipes to tempt the palate. I actually hate to give any of it away. Suffice it to say, it's a mixed bag o' chips, including some ital appetizers and healthy maincourse of dub-a-licious sounds. Including a fresh, side dish from a dj friend o' mine, DJ.Dog J* (better known to some of us as good ol' J.Dog.)

Hey, I wouldn't make this stuff up. But then again, i'm not one for sticking to the recipe.....The rest, well, I'm going to refrain from giving more info. Be prepared to get yuh skank on.

Listen. Be surprised. Enjoy.....As always Crucial Roots is dedicated to upful sounds that liberate and spread the message of Fiyah and Freedom. Keepin' it upful every Sunday....WAKE UP and LISTEN!!!