Soup for SyriaSoup and pie, two of my favorite foods, are the topics on this week's GREAT TASTE show.  The opening segment features my convesation with well-known cookbook author and photographer, Barbara Abdeni Massad followed by Ms. American Pie, Beth Howard.

Living in Beirut, Lebanon, Barbara Abdeni Massad knows how challenging and stressful daily life is, however, her problems pale compared to the conditions in the Syrian refugee camps less than an hour from her home.  Her most recent project, the book, Soup for Syria provided a way for her to help, and allows anyone around the world to participate in the relief effort.  The cookbook features soup recipes in collaboration with over 80 chefs, and Barbara's photography,  All the profits from sales are donated to the UN Refugee Agency, which provides needed food for the Syrian refugees.  You can purchase the bookHERE, and aid the nearly eight million Syrians who have been displaced.


Beth Howard-GBSI never get tired of seeing someone make pie.  I recently watched Julia Child prepare a French pie crust, and longed to taste the end result-an apple pie with sliced apples on top and a thick apple sauce filling.  

If you were one of the lucky folks who came to Green Building Supply Tuesday evening you droolingly watched as Beth Howard created a sensual chocolate pudding pie, and, even better, got to taste it fresh out of the oven.  

For the radio portionBeth Howard-GBS of the show, Beth and I talked about her recent "World Piece" trip. That voyage took her all over the world including stops in India, Lebanon (where she stayed with Barbara), Greece, Australia, New Zealand and Germany.  At each stop, Beth did demos where she made American-style pies and learned how to prepare baked goods from her hosts.  

You can watch the entire hour of the show with Beth courtesy of Fairfield Media Center.  Click HERE.

You can purchase Beth's latest book, Ms. American Pie HERE. The At Home Store has copies of the book, and if you email Beth she'll send you her cut signature for easy placement within the book. Great idea for a holiday gift for yourself or someone special.
Mark on your calendars that GREAT TASTE is live the first Tuesday of every month at Green Building Supply.  Our next live show is Tuesday, January 5.  Many thanks to our sponsors, Green Building Supply and Everybody's, who help support KRUU FM.

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Pâte à Choux on GREAT TASTE this week-LIVE from Hy-Vee

Swan pastriesI am almost drooling with anticipation regarding Wednesday's GREAT TASTE.  It's our monthly show when the Indian Hills culinary students show off their skills so Curt Goudy and his crew will take the stage live at Hy-Vee from the Club Room/Kitchen Lab.  They are going to work with pâte à choux.  If you aren't familiar with the term, think profiteroles, éclairs, gougères, and much more.  Butter, water, flour, eggs equals ecstatic moments.

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Iron Chef-Indian Hills Culinary School Style on Great Taste

Dopo in OaklandIndian Hills held its own internal culinary Iron Chef competition on Monday and Ben Froah's team reigned supreme. Ben's agreed to recreate the dish that put his team over the top.  What's for dessert?  A tropical delight; a welcome addition nearing the end of winter's weeks.

Two of Ben's classmates join us so we'll get an inner look at why culinary school from them.  Indian Hills students always bring their passion into the studio, and this week was no exceptiion.

Your road warrior host has just returned from stops in Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Manhattan, Oakland, Ukiah, and Monterey.  I'll pass along the latest tips for great spots to eat if you are in any of those locales. 

Stop by for an after-dinner taste as we're broadcasting LIVE from the studio on Wednesday, listen to the stream at, or catch us on the rebound Friday at 7:00 am CST.  Anyone for a fish sandwich?

Here's the recipe for the delicious dessert Kathy made on last Wednesday's three hour expanded edition of Great Taste in combo with Fringe Toast.

If you did not come by the studio to taste it, it's easy to make and guaranteed to wow!


Inspired by Gourmet Magazine 3/2008