daft punk

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    Jan 09
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    Jan 12
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the best of the rest of last year's best

this week: the rest of the best of 2012.

if you haven't already heard, be sure to hear: authentic emo from john grant (in which his r-rated "gmf" is magically transformed into pg-13's "greatest living creature"), what can only be called uniqueness from the flaming lips, classic harmonies from the lone bellow, the acapella voices of pentatonix, the accoustic and screaming guitars of buckethead, and the very real and profound voice of lorde.

daft punkand the cd of the year (i know i said last week that it was snoop lion's reggae cd "reincarnation") is the technological funk mixes of daft punk's "random access memories." [pictured] 

or maybe the cd of the year was arcade fire's "reflektor." or perhaps vampire weekend's "modern vampires of the city." or maybe...i'll continue this next week.

here's what you'll hear.

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    Dec 26
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the best of 2013

janelle monae


what was the best song or album of 2013? no one can say, and no one should even try. the music that gives your body bliss is too subjective to rate on a scale and then try to make other people agree with you. all i can say is that last year was full of creative sounds, fun sounds, powerful sounds, beautiful sounds...

this week i'll play some of all that, and more.

the year 2013 was a year of great harmonies (vampire weekend, yeah yeah yeahs), new twists on old sounds (janelle monae, right), great lyrics and deep voices (the national), new forms for old voices (snoop dogg n/k/a snoop lion), great dancing (daft punk, robin thicke, avicii), and the uncategorizable (broken bells, arctic monkeys, kacey musgraves).

it'll be an hour packed with a little of everything.

the songs

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    Jun 13
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2013 has been a great year so far (for music anyway)

2013 saw the french electronica duo daft punk (right) get very electric and very real, daft punkoften using a real set of drums. they wear these big weird masks and costumes see, and ... well, it doesn't seem to make any sense, but they made some kick-ass music this year.

so did snoop lion, whose melodic, g-rated reggae cd may be the album of the year so far.

a collection of old studio recordings of jimi hendrix was released in 2013, as well as a (overly) laid back cd by eric clapton. hearing them back to back but 43 years apart makes you wonder what would jimi be playing if he were alive today...

one of the touching songs/stories of the year is the innocent, blissful, and courageous song by zach sobiech, whose postivity and joy while facing imminent death would have been inspiring enough, and whose story is told here.

you'll also hear new music by the national, atoms for peace, tame impala, vampire weekend, the postal service, justin timberlake, and everyone else described here.

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    Jan 08
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Pirate Satellite

Tron LegacySaturday morning Shane and Dad will be in Crew's solar powered studio to play music from Shane's fave film: Tron Legacy. It isn't Dad's favorite, but he does share Shane's enthusiasm for the electronic soundtrack by Daft Punk. Tron Legacy Director Joseph Kosinski wrote: "I had been listening to Daft Punk for almost ten years before I met them at the 101 Coffee Shop in Hollywood one morning in November 2007. I sat down not knowing what to expect, and I was immediately struck by their deep knowledge and love of the film and particularly the sanctity in which they held Steven Lisberger’s TRON. (click Read More)