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Mexican Hot ChocolateSorry for the late notice, but we are cooking LIVE in the studio TONIGHT!Latkes and Sides

Terrific show on tap with the Indian Hills Culinary students.  Chef Gordon Rader announces a new $1.3 million grant that will be used to expand Ottumwa's Farmers Market and much, much more.  We're making latkes, Mexican hot chocolate, and there will be some cookies and more. 

Don't miss out.  Tune in at at 7:00 PM CT or for Friday's replay at 7:00 AM CT.  Come by if you are in the neighborhood and share in the holiday fun.

Happy Holidays to All!


Well, the calendar snuck up on me again and I find it's Christmas time. We'll take a break from

the blues for one night and play some close-family-relation gospel for an evening. There'll still be Mississippi Fred McDowell, Blind Willie Johnson, Rev. Gary Davis, Brownie McGhee and other blues artists on tonight's show, but the secular music will take a back seat to songs with a more "up-lifting" message.

Some sacred steel guitar performances and old (and newer!) songs by gospel heavyweights like the Five Blind Boys of Mississippi, the Soul Stirrers and Sister Rosetta Tharpe will round out the show.

Drive safe, stay warm and enjoy your friends and family!

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Writers' Voices Christmas Special

BethlehemTune in for a very special Christmas program on the next's Writers' Voices. 

Caroline Kilbourn's long-time friend and radio man Dennis Ostrander will be sharing stories, thoughts, and memories of the season. Caroline's knack for collecting favorite quotes and stories is on full display for this show.

Dennis Ostrander began his radio career in Fairfield at KMCD in the 1970's. After retiring from the military, he became station manager in Burlington, Iowa, where he recruited Caroline to do a weekly interview show. He has since retired from that position.

Please join in for this heartwarming Christmas Eve program.
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Christmas time again

It's that time again. That time when you're driven out of your mind by mindless Christmas music. This week I play music that will help keep your sanity.aimee mann, michael penn

Aimee Mann and Michael Penn (her husband and brother of Sean, both left) start the show off with a dreary reminder that "Christmas time" returns again. But the tone quickly shifts with the humor and good spirits of Brave Combo, Mel Blanc, and Danny Elfman.

Then: artists I can almost guaranty you've never heard before, but absolutely need to hear: La Botinne Souriante (Quebec's answer to...well, what was the question), and the song "God rest ye merry gentlemen" performed back to back by Sarah McLachlin & Barenaked Ladies and then Chick Corea's Elektric Band.

Saturday morning Forest (14) Shane (10) and Dad (7) will be in the house playing some of our favorite cuts from the annual Pirate Satellite Christmas compilations. It's kinda fun because the boys and Dad have added their quips to the mix over the years. So when we go back and listen to older recordings, say 2003's Yule B Chilling, we'll hear things that tickle the funny bone, warm the heart, or both. That year we asked the boys their favorite Christmas song: Forest (9) liked "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer", little Shaney (4) liked "race cars." We're promising fave cousin Adam Miller right now we're playing his favorite song from 2004's Code Of The Elves- "I Wish It Was Like Christmas Everyday". After all, it is Adam's house we go to visit at Christmastime...

Right now it's all about Christmas for the Pirate Satellite Entertainment Group. So tune in, share some holiday cheer and do your part in supporting the Christmas-Spirit Meter, so Santa's sleigh will fly on Christmas eve.

Winter Songs
Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Seeing as it's the night before Christmas Eve I'm going with a Christmas theme for this show. I've got a bunch more for you from the lovely Hotel Cafe complilation CD Winter Songs, featuring many of the talented ladies who have graced their stage in the past year. Plus other seasonal songs from traditional (like Priscilla Ahn singing Silent Night) to quirky (Dar William's Christians and the Pagans) - all sung by some of my favorite artists that I've played on the show this year.

Tune in every Tuesday from 9-10am for great music by female singer-songwriters!

Winter Songs
Rock Paper Scissors

It's cold outside but there's plenty of good music on the radio to give you warm fuzzies! Tune in for a set off the Hotel Cafe Winter Songs compilation with new originals and fun new takes on classic songs by the talented ladies from The Hotel Cafe Tour.

We'll also have a sneak preview set from the brand new album by some other talented ladies - the Fairfield band Rock Paper Scissors. They are releasing the album this Friday the 19th! (click the pictures for more info about the albums)

guitar jr.



And since I like this old pic of Guitar Jr. so much, from before he moved to Chicago and changed his moniker to Lonnie Brooks, we'll play some Lonnie tonight, too.

Who else?

How about some Poppa Hop (that's Hop Wilson to the squares)? Shoot, how about 2 or 3 Poppa Hop songs?!? Yeah, now we're cooking! John Lee Hooker? You got it, man.

Oh, what the heck, let's just lay down the bluesiest music you can find in Jefferson County, how does that sound?

What's that? You say Blues KRUUz does that every Saturday evening at 7?

Well, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.