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Sarah Prineas discusses "The Magic Thief"

Sarah PrineasJoin us on Writers' Voices as Monica Hadley and Cheryl Johnson talk with Sarah Prineas about her books, "The Magic Thief" and "The Magic Thief: Lost". Sarah Prineas is being called the next big fantasy author. She lives in the midst of the corn in Iowa City, Iowa, and can usually be found writing fantasy novels and stories on a stealthy silver MacBook called Pip. The Magic Thief and The Magic Thief: Lost, Sarah's first two novels, introduced readers to the irascible wizard Nevery and his gutterboy apprentice, Connwaer, whose adventures continue here. Sarah holds a PhD in English literature and recently taught honors seminars on fantasy and science fiction literature at the University of Iowa. She has an amazing dragon action-figure collection and occasionally bakes biscuits (although she says hers never seem to turn out as tasty as Benet's do in The Magic Thief: Lost). Sarah is married to John Prineas, a physics professor, which comes in handy when she's writing about magic prisoning devices and pyrotechnics. They are the parents of Maud and Theo.

Did you see Steve Martin playing the banjo on TV recently? Well, Tuesday March 24 we'll present a live version of "Late For School," which he wrote, from his new album "The Crow."

We will also read some fun and funny poetry and hear from Patti Soderberg at the public library. A great way to chill out.

Children's stories, poetry and laid-back music from 7-8pm. - Grandpa D.


Bethlehem From the SkySharon Rexroth, author and former Mrs. Iowa 1981, was looking for a book about Iowa to read to her grandchildren. She wanted a book that would be fun and informative. She decided to write the book herself. So named for its narration by Iowa's State Bird who takes us on a tour, Iowa From the Sky was so popular that it sold out in two months. Since then, four other books have been written, and plans are in the works to do all 50 states!

Tune into Writers' Voices this Friday, December 19, to hear why Sharon Rexroth was inspired to include Bethlehem from the Sky. This collection is a delightful, rhyming tour of the geography, history, people, and resources of each state. Illustrated by original watercolors, these books are as beautiful as they are informative.

Tonight is a great night. Mickey and I are celebrating Mick's Grandma's birthday. We will be playing some great music in the second half hour of the show. In the first half, we will read The Greatest Story Never Told by Ray Negron and then have Ray talk with us for a while.

Ray Negron
Ray Negron is from New York. His first job as a New York Yankee batboy came when Yankee owner George Steinbrenner caught young Ray scrawling a Yankee logo on a Yankee Stadium wall. Steinbrenner hired him in the 70's and propelled him into a “dream job”. Despite his young age, Ray was a positive influence in the fiery clubhouse that included manager Billy Martin, superstar Reggie Jackson, the legendary Thurman Munson, and more.


Sleepytime with Grandpa D. goes bilingual tonight as Susana Liberona visits and reads some beautiful children's books. Then we will finish with some wonderful Latin music including a song from Luis Miguel.

This show is dedicated to our friend Jill Miller.

All love to you and your family, Bruce.

Our prayers and our love are with you.

Tuesday 8-9pm
Parents and their young children are invited to tune in and call in to the one year anniversary show of Sleepytime with Grandpa D, children’s story and music hour which is hosted by me,Dick DeAngelis, and my son Mickey. Sleepytime with Grandpa D is designed to put young Fairfield listeners to sleep and help all the “young at heart” to chill out.

Already a favorite with Fairfield listeners, Mickey will join me in reading selections from some of the best of the first year's bedtime stories. One of the highlights will be a reading of the Big Galoot, a wonderful story by celebrity Shadoe Stevens. The show usually finishes with a half hour of sweet music and this week we will have some of the best of the year. We are so happy that Sleepytime has become somewhat of a KRUU-FM classic in just one year! We want to thank our listeners for tuning in every week from all over the country and even some from other countries. See you tonight. - Grandpa (and Mickey) D.

Tonight from 8pm - 9pm, Sleepytime with Grandpa D will fill your hearts and young at heart.

We will read “A Great Time: Children’s Poems in English and Russion”, which is scheduled for publication October 2007. It is a collection of short children stories written by Masha Shurin and illustrated by Valentin Ginukov. The author will join us on the phone and read a few stories in Russian and we will read them in English. Join Yucky the bug, No-tail the elephant, a sailor frog and other characters for A Great Time. The fun-filled poems encourage courtesy, sharing, and friendship while upholding hope and joy.



Then, to top off our second half hour, we will present a special song which Rachel Ries recorded exclusively for Sleepytime. Let's see if you can guess which Fats Waller song she sang for us. Tonight at 8pm.

What a fun show tonight. We interviewed Joan Buzick and played her audiobook What Went Right Today, available at Wow! What fun to keep your attention on what went right - it cultivates an attitude of thankfulness. Cool. Thanks Joan.

Then we got to read the delightful book by Marc Freeman's mom, Lillian, called Why Willie Wouldn't. What a delightful book wonderfully illustrated by Elaine Arnold.

Then after a half hour of delightful music (Marley, Simon, McCartney, Methany,Rachel Ries and Sam Beam), the show was completed by Paul Fauerso singing Master of My Heart. Mickey and I feel so lucky to be able to bring you this show each Tuesday night at 8pm.

Mickey and I are so thrilled to have Eve Hall as our guest tonight. Eve Hall is a children's author andPoet and author Evelyn D. Hall poet residing in Atlanta, GA. She has been writing for more than 35 years. Her work has been featured in several magazines including A Poet's Cut, Skyline Publications, Saplings Magazine, Purpose, Mature Living and Weeones.She has published three poetry chapbooks, and has self-published four books: Dontay's Alphabet Book of Color, Dontay's Poetry Playground, Enter Eve's Poetic Paradise, and Enter Eve's Musing Moments. One of her goals is to publish over a dozen of her books for children. Her next book is titled Dontay's Dog (

Tonight, Eve will share some of her poems which are oriented to children's bedtime. We will also be reading The Tale of Three Trees by Angela Elwell Hunt and published by Cook Communications ( You won't want to miss this show.

And that's just the first half hour. Check out our playlist.