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    Oct 07
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    Oct 10
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Dori Butler and Michelle Bayuk

Dori ButlerThe Case of the Lost BoyCheryl Fusco Johnson takes the hosting duties this week. Welcoming onto the show children's author Dori Butler and her publicist Michelle Bayuk. Dori has written many children's books and stories. Her book "The Buddy Files: Case of the Lost Boy" won the 2011 Edgar Award. She has also "ghostwritten" ten Sweet Valley Twins and Boxcar Children books.

With 20 years experience in children's publishing, Michelle F. Bayuk has been Director of Marketing at Albert Whitman &  Company since February of 2009.  Previously Michelle was Marketing Director for the Children's Book Council.  She's worked at many publishing houses, including Millbrook Press and Scholastic.

Sleepytime with Grandpa D. gets a special gift tonight in the form of a visit from children's author Rosemary Serluca-Foster. Rosemary conceived the character Genevieve, and wrote a wonderful story about her: Genevieve's Gift.
"I am completely dedicated to helping children stay in touch with their true selves and the voice of their own hearts, having personally lost that voice, like so many of us do, while growing up. Genevieve represents the part of us that longs for authentic expression. To live life in truth and on purpose."
An accomplished, producer, writer, actor, and children's conference leader (see credits), Rosemary is also a certified children's Meditation Facilitator from Satya International, Asheville, NC, and certified from the IM School of Healing Arts, New York, NY.
Creativity with Consciousness.

After hearing Rosemary read Genevieve's Gift and chat with us, Mickey and Grandpa D will play an eclectic blend of laid-back music.