Hello world! Dirk here.  Thinking about you, your ears and the show Monday afternoon.  What will I play?  Got some ideas, but depending on how things play out, we shall all find out as one at 4 o'clock.  Hope you enjoyed the show last week, started out a bit rough with some technical errors but I am learning the ropes quickly.  What I can guarantee is a little Ravi Shankar.  Things should be spicy!  Hope your monday goes smooth and thank you for tuning in!


Thats the kind of support you can expect from a radio show like P5K. 

Don't trust me?

Don't trust me!

Listen to this picture on the radio. 

Now "HOW?" you must be asking "can you get something like that to your front door with the minimal amount of effort?"

  • I won't lie
You can't. It's not easy. You have to use the dial.
Tune in and open your listening ducts.
Full open, it's that kind of radio show.

Bonus points to those with the strength to listen to the above image on the radio.

Somewhere, in the darkness of the mid-afternoon:

"Dear lord!"

"Have you really been there all this time?"

  • "Waiting for you in these shadows."
    • "I have no fear"
  • "Then face your elusive Destiny."


  • "You may take it on this platter.
    Have it as you will."
  • "Wicked fool,

    though your aorta makes a lovely feast."

Image complements of your strength.

And you thought that was embarassing.

Happy Pigs

Some of our chiefs made the claim that the land belongs to us. It is
not what the Great Spirit told me. He told me that the lands belong
to Hi, that no people own the land; that I was not to forget to tell
this to the white people when I met them in council.

Kickapoo Prophet, 1827, I have Spoken

Farmers often have a sense of entitlement. They've received subsidies from taxpayers for a long time (another issue) and consider themselves to be grandfathered in regards to pollution. Problem is that the farming operations of yesteryear are nothing like what's going on today and can't be compared. The odor from these CAFO's are not typical ag. odor. It makes you retch and fumes are proven toxic and detrimental to human health. Due to the unhealthy conditions at these CAFO's the animals have to be kept on antibiotics and their feed is loaded with growth hormones. Typical ag? I think not. The antibiotics they are fed are unleashed into the environment contributing to resistance rendering them useless to modern medicine. The animals are crowded indoors, forced to live in an unnatural, wretched, dirty environment. Pigs have a social order and are unable to comply with basic instinct in these conditions. Why is it dogs are treated so well by humans and pigs tortured? Pigs are intelligent. Liquid manure applied in large quantities is too susceptible to run off and pollution. Compost does not have that vulnerability and odor is not a problem.