The New Guy tapped into the local music scene last night and had a ball. I attended a house concert featuring singer/songwriter Romi Mayes hosted by KRUU's own Lauryn Shapter and Dennis James.

The house was packed, the food was lovely, and Mayes treated her audience to her lovely, expressive voice, fine guitar stylings, and funny, sometime ribald commentary between songs.

House Concerts are great fun. If you get a chance, check one out.

Oh Yeah, one more thing. Training firefighters to conduct warrantless searches under the guise of fire prevention inspections?

Things are busy for the new guy this week. Station Manager, James Moore, and I have been going over station policy, how things work, and what my job as an Americorps*VISTA volunteer will be.

The word from James is that the wonderful birthday party of Nancy Gibson's resulted in contributions of more than $300! Wow, Thanks.

Thanks for listening to, supporting and participating in the voice of Fairfield, KRUU.

Oh yeah, one more thing. Noise is pollution, and it hurts people. It says so Here.

And Here. And Here. And Here. And Here.

Ah, the Morning Star Studio--that beautiful preserved slice of 1940's ballroom goodness. What a place for a party. And what a party it was.

Nancy Gibson wanted all her friends and family to celebrate her fiftieth birthday with her. She also suggested that in lieu of gifts to her, her guests consider contributing to KRUU. Very cool of you Nancy, Thanks.

As the outreach guy, it was my pleasure to be there managing the KRUU table under the KRUU Banner. It was also a pleasure to find out that I was going to be fed. Two buffet tables were groaning under the weight of goodies from rice stuffed cherry tomatoes to birthday cake. Yum.

Just want to say hello to all the listeners, friends of KRUU and readers of the blogs on our website.

lbj meeting with early vista

My name is Tom Knight and I am the new Outreach Guy for KRUU and a VISTA Volunteer. What's a VISTA? Well, It's kind of like the Peace Corps, but operating within the U.S. If you would like to find out in detail, you could click Here .

You will see me at events around town, and I would love to hear from you about upcoming events where we might set up a table or booth and our KRUU banner. Just send me an e-mail---tom.knight at kruufm dot com