Ambient Electronic music

When I first heard Constance Demby's song Alleluiah from her album Sanctum Sanctourum my attention to all else stopped. I was hearing the gates of heaven open, in all it's dramatically reverent, Divine magnificence. I cried. Today's show was inspired by Alleluiah. We'll hear that and more from Constance Demby's Sanctum Sanctourum. "One of the most beautiful musical experiences I think I've ever heard in this genre." ~ CD Services

We'll also hear music from Deborah Martin & Erik Wollo's brand new release Between Worlds. "The American Indian believes there are two worlds- the world of spirit and the world of form. Between Worlds was created to represent with sound this bridge between the two worlds."

Divine electronic expressions on Pirate Satellite. Live stream @ We'll post the playlist afterward.

human blue
Saturday morning we'll play electronic music from Interchill Records. You'll hear music by Human Blue, Chaos By Design, Pushmipulyu, Gaudi, Kaya Project (a Pirate Satellite fave), Eat Static, Drift, Adam Shaikh and more, from the compilation releases Earth Octave Lounge Vol. 2, Devil In The Details, Sanctuary: A Shanti Mix From the Interchill Garden and other titles, including 133 Thursdays, Elixir and Journey To the Sun.

~Interchill Records - organic electronica for the expanding mind ~

"I can only show you the Door. You're the One that has to walk through it."

Patrick O'Hearn
Today we'll hear the music of Patrick O'Hearn

We'll post the playlist afterward


It is the essence of Order

and leads to all that is Good, True

and Beautiful

Music is Pirate Satellite

depeche modeSunday evening we're featuring the new Depeche Mode album Sounds Of The Universe. It's been compared to Violator ("Enjoy The Silence", "Personal Jesus"). Too early for us to tell, but it gets better with every play.

Also hear music from Interval's new album The Edge Of A Fairytale; music by A.R. Rahman & BlaaZe from the Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire. Plus Nicola Conte; Tosca; Aes Dana; a cut from the compilation Saint Tropez Cote Plage and more. We'll post the playlist afterward.

Ambient electronic music, from Pirate Satellite...

"Wait! Why you goin' up there?

What's up there?!"

~ Chef, Apocalypse Now

We'll have a new mix. Music from Depeche Mode interpreted by Tanghetto;Jim Morrison Depeche Mode themselves; Maneesh De Moor; a new journey Beyond The Portal by Craig Padilla, Zero Ohms and Skip Murphy. Music from Green Isac, Squarepusher; Boards Of Canada; Yello. A cool DJ Disse mix of the Door's Break On Through and more.

The theme is The Matrix.

As always, we'll post the playlist afterward.

~ What are you trying to tell me, that I can dodge bullets?

~ I'm trying to tell you that when you're ready, you won't have to.

Allison Moyet
Saturday morning we'll go back to a 1985 Pirate Satellite compilation titled "Always An Adventure". Molly Lusk and I were with Steve Spencer when he married Michelle in Iowa City at that time. We'll hear short soundbites from them. Music from Alison Moyet, Bananarama, Malcolm McLaren, David Sylvian, Linton Kwesi Johnson, INXS, Echo & The Bunnyman, Laurie Anderson, Split Enz and more.

We'll post the playlist afterward.

~ Bruce, you can never erase these master tapes.

~ Never. For ever and ever. Amen


"It is the essence of Order

and leads to all that is

good true and beautiful."

~ We'll post the playlist afterward ~

Roger Eno, Omicron, Higher Intelligence Agency, Mysteries Of Science, William Orbit, Deep Forest, Moby and on.

~ "Blue Light is on for entrance into Heaven!"~

Saturday morning at 9

We'll post the playlist afterward

~ "Inner Space. Absolute, unbounded final Frontier" ~

- Prot, why did you wanna to come to our planet?

- Well, I've been here many times before. But what brought me here first? I dunno. Pure curiousity I guess. I'd never been to a Class BA-3 planet before.

- Class BA- 3?

- Early stage of evolution. Future uncertain...

Saturday morning at 9:00.

We'll post the playlist afterward.

liquid stranger
"In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was Sound. So what you're looking at here is particles formed into patterns by sound. And they were all over the place to start with, just in random positions on the plate, and as soon as the sound appears they form into these patterns because everything is sound and it is sound that turns matter and energy into form.

All you're looking at here are interacting frequencies making a beat. If the sound changes, the matter changes, the energy changes. This is how the galaxies and the universe and the solar systems were formed and continue to be held in the structure they're in, through sound."

~ Liquid Stranger; Vibration Ruling The Nation

The playlist is posted