- Speaking Freely - 20061010 - Dick DeAngelis

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Richard DeAngelis

Mr. Richard DeAngelis is the founder and president of the Wine Vault. He also heads the Society of Fairfield Italian Americas, SOFIA, and the host of Sleepy Time with Grandpa D. This is a delightful program in which Dick and his eleven-year-old son Mickey read children’s stories and play music to assist listeners in getting their young ones to bed. It airs Tuesday nights at 8 pm CST on KRUU 100.1 FM.

- Speaking Freely - 20061010 - Jim Leach

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U.S. Congressman Jim Leach

U.S. Congressman Jim Leach. Mr. Leach has been an U.S. Congressman for thirty years. He served on the following Congressional Committees: Committee on International Relations, Chairman, Subcommittee on East Asian and Pacific Affairs, and the Committee on Financial Services. Congressman Leach is also a member of the Board of Trustees of Princeton University.

- Speaking Freely - 20061003 - Ed Malloy

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Ed Malloy

Ed Malloy

Mr. Ed Malloy is the mayor of Fairfield, Iowa, the home of KRUU 100.1 FM.
Ed recently spear headed a campaign, which got Fairfield designated, as
one of Iowa’s great places. The town will receive a five hundred
thousand dollar grant as a result. Mr. Malloy is also a successful
businessman who is currently President of Danaher Oil.

Grant app to Greater Jefferson County Foundation, prior to LIVE DATE!

Status: NOT funded.