Sleepy Time with Grandpa D.

Bedtime Stories, easy listening with grandpa d is not currently scheduled.

Grandpa D closeupHosted by Dick DeAngelis (with occasional visits from his son Mickey), “Sleepytime” is designed to put all young listeners to sleep and help the young at heart chill and relax. Already a favorite with our listeners, Sleepytime features Grandpa D. reading classic children’s bedtime stories in his naturally soothing style. Guest writers visit either live in the studio or by phone and share their books and its message with Sleepytime listeners. The show finishes with a half hour of sweet, sweet music selected from many musical genres. The Sleepytime family continues to grow as local and visiting musicians stop in from time to time to play a tune or sing a lullaby or two. SleepyTime with Grandpa D.-- a KRUU classic!

Icon Art Radio

Talk Show with allencobb, billteeple and donnacolby on KRUU-LP 100.1 FM Sunday 10-10:30am.

We are a young, energetic organization with big dreams and high aspirations. We love art and deeply believe that art is important to the happiness and spiritual growth of human kind.

Our entire collection of radio shows can be found on the special ICON show archive page: artRadio.snootyArtists.com. The show archive will also be available here on the KRUU website in the near future.


The station module is up, and most of the rest of the drupal site is working. I spent hours today trying to figure out why it was that the site would not allow me to log in. I could login, but the login would not take me anywhere, except back to the login screen. I cleared the cache, the history, the passwords on Firefox and Flock, and still nada. Finally I cleared out the cookies and it worked! So here's a lesson to alla you out there - clean out your cookies on a regular basis. Seems like there's some goofy thing in drupal that sometimes munges cookies. I'm sure it needs to be in

Open Views

Interview Talk Show with Sundar Raman is not currently scheduled.

Open Views is an exploration of open-source and free-culture movements around the world, stretching beyond the limits of software. The show's purpose is to provide a view into the rich world of collaborative development, open ideas, independent media, and new business models. This is a revolutionary time, with tools to aid the world, and collaboration possible from every corner of the globe. Open Views talks to the people at the front lines of this renaissance.

Listen to and download archived episodes of Open views by clicking on this link.

The guests who have appeared on Open Views thus far are:

8 - Open Views - Richard Jefferson, creator of BiOS license

65:17 minutes (59.77 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

My guest today on open views is Richard Jefferson, creator of the Biological Ope Source license, and founder of Cambia, a foundation based in Australia. Cambia creates tools to foster innovation and a sprit of collaboration in the life scinces.

- Speaking Freely - 20061121 - Dr. Stanley Cheren

30:05 minutes (27.55 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Dr. Stanley Cheren

Dr. Stanley Cheren is a medical doctor who is a former faculty member of Boston University Medical School. Dr. Cheren has published numerous articles including a series on violence in sports, which appeared in the New York Times. He recently returned from Guatemala where he has been working with a Maya village to improve the community’s quality of health care. Dr. Cheren is a graduate of Harvard University and Tufts University Medical School.

Current Status

The beta database and site are up, but require the styles and look-and-feel stuff to be done. Once that's up all the dj's can start creating their own logins and home pages. This way every KRUU host can have their own little space on the web. Whoopie ;-)

You're here! We've been expecting you

This is probably going to be the kruufm.com website, eventually. But right now it's just a sandbox for us to experiment with some goofy stuff.

- Speaking Freely - 20061114 - Ed Petersen

31:39 minutes (28.98 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Ed Petersen

Mr. Ed Petersen is a former agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He retired from the FBI in 1987 after twenty-seven years of service. During that time Mr. Petersen investigated a wide range of federal violations including general criminal matters, international and domestic terrorism, and foreign counter intelligence.  He has also served as the director of security for major league baseball.  Mr. Petersen is currently one of the directors of Buckley Petersen Global, a private investigative and consulting company.

6 - Open Views - Abhas Abhinav, founder Deeproot.in

55:52 minutes (51.15 MB) Stereo 44kHz 128Kbps (CBR)

Today's guest is Abhas Abhinav. Abhas leads the team at DeepRootLinux (on the web at deeproot.in) and in Bangalore india. DeepRoot provides custom linux solutions, and also a Messaging Server, which is an email server, which is something that virtually every company - small, medium or large, requires today. Their deepofix solution is, according to them "the most complete, flexible and simplest mail server in the free software world".

Abhas spoke with me about what got him on the path to free software, and how he has dealt with running a business around an open source product, which is basically available for free from their site.