Hey Peeps du Jour,

It's party time.

Come on down to the Ol' Armory tonight and party like it's 1999. Shake a tail feather; shake your money maker, sheik yerbouti-- hell, shake someone else's booty (in a dignified way and of course only with written permission and co-signed in triplicate by a notary public with a law degree who speaks English).

In other words, let's all practice safe intersects at the corner of B and Broadway. Let's talk about KRUU, baby.

Aw yeah...

- Writer's Voices - 20061215 - Linda Egenes

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Sleepy Time with Grandpa D playlist for 2006-12-12

I just made it back from New Jersey in time to do the show. Thank goodness Mickey had the books picked out already. I dedicated this show to my Dad, the "real" Grandpa D. and a real great man.

Gettin' the Kinks Out

Eclectic with Josh Young is not currently scheduled.


Centripetal Sounds

Music with garygarles on KRUU-LP 100.1 FM Wednesday 2-4am and Thursday 2-5pm.

Welcome to Centripetal Sounds, in the Thursday afternoon slot from 2-5, with a rebroadcast Wednesday mornings 2-5 AM. I am your host, Gary Garles, the G Man, the only government you will ever need on Planet Rock and Roll. We spin back through the last 50 years of music and linger on the most creative songs we can find. Songs with freedom, passion, and fun written all over them. Requests are always welcome, I have amassed a collection of thousands of lp's, cd's, cassettes, and brown paper bags. I will highlight the best of the best, and include bands every week you have never heard or heard of. Requests may be made at centripetalsounds@gmail.com. Lets go!

It's a Wonderful World

Talk with Jonas Magram is not currently scheduled.

Jonas Magram's show.

Midweek Songstreak

Music and Humor with Evan Davis and galenhawthorne on KRUU-LP 100.1 FM Wednesday 4-5pm and Saturday 7-8am.

Hey, it's Galen Hawthorne, with the midweek songstreak! You guys should listen to my radio show at 4:00-5:00 pm on wednesdays. (I'm pretty sure you already know the station :P) I play everything. Any kind of music. I'm even taking requests. Tune in, Call in, if you know me, Come in, and just hang out with me. There's something for everyone on my show!

Hey! This is Evan Davis, the co-host. Just wanted to remind everybody that they can make a song request, a shoutout, or something you want to hear us talk about by e-mailing songstreak@hotmail.com, and we'll try and do it as soon as we can. Thanks!

October 3, 2007

Hey, this is Evan.  I just wanted to let everybody know that we have a podcast-like online segment entitled "The Midweek Podstreak."  We'll try and do it every week.  To hear it, click on one of the links at the bottom of the page.  You can listen right off the site, or download it to your computer or mp3 player.  Thanks.  



Eclectic with rodneyfranz is not currently scheduled.

Rodney Franz's show.

Techno 2 Hour

Music is not currently scheduled.

Tony DeFreitas' show.

Metal Health

Music with claytonmiller is not currently scheduled.

This is a show put on by local DJ Clayton Miller.It plays the best of Metal,Punk,Alternative and basically anything that aggressivly rocks.