Manchester By The Sea

  • Sun
    Feb 26
    11:30 am -
    12:00 pm

The Filmosophers movie talk

Big weekend for movies with the Oscars Sunday night. Two Oscar nominated films can be seen at the Ottumwa 8 - Lion,  which we highly recommend. "I haven't been as moved and cried copious tears as in Lion!" - Rich Sims, KRUU; and Fences, where Denzel Washington's Best Actor nominated performance has gained energy in the field originally thought to be dominated by Casey Affleck in Manchester By The Sea. With six Oscar nominations Manchester By The Sea posterManchester By The Sea is one of the award favorites, along with Fences,  Moonlight and La La Land.  My son Shane and I saw Manchester By The Sea on DVD. I've highly anticiapted this film since, along with Shane, I resonate with writer-director Kenneth Lonergan's potent emotions about loss of family. Shane and I both loved it, and he agreed to record Filmosophers with us Thursday (can't do live during school :) Among other things he said Manchester By The Sea comes closest to his own experience.

Chris has a great review of the documentary delight, The Eagle Huntress "Kind of wonderful and inspiring. A lovely look at an entirely different world." - Chris Busch. We'll also give our Oscar thoughts and more, on the Filmosophers, "where we give our filmosophy of the movies and have filmosophical discussions." Fridays 12:30 PM, again Sunday morning 11:30.

Uncle Lee - If you could take one guy to an island with you and you knew you'd be safe cause he is the best man, he's going to keep you happy, if it was between me and your father, who would you take?

Patrick - My daddy! ; Manchester By The Sea