Blackened Canteen Writers' Voices welcomes Jerry Yellin to the studio this week. Jerry returns to Fairfield to work on getting a film made of his true story, "The Blackened Canteen." 

Jerry Yellin

This inspirational book tells a story of honor between enemies, and the healing that can come after a war.

Jerry is one of the last remaining WWII fighter pilots, and has spent his golden years bring the message of peace and healing to wounded warriors around the world.

Jerry is the author of 3 other books, "Of War and Weddings, "The Resilient Warrior, and "The Letter."  You can listen to Jerry's previous interviews on Writers' Voices here.

Hildegarde MahoneyIn "Journey Interruped, A Family Without a Country in a World at War," Hildegarde Mahoney shares the fascinating story of her German-American family being stranded in Japan on the way to visit Journey Interruptedfamily in Germany at the onset of the war.  Hillie was only 7 when the story begins, and 16 when she and her family finally returned to New York.

The details of their stay in Japan, and then later in Germany where they were repatriated after the war, paint a vivid picture of a unique time in history.

Join us this week on Writers' Voices to meet Hildegarde Mahoney and hear more about her fascinating story.

Ruta SepetysToday's guest on Writers' Voices, Ruta Sepetys, is the NYT bestselling author of the young adult historical novel and soon-to-be feature film, "Between Shades of Gray," set in Siberia in 1941.

Now, in her third book, "Salt to the Sea" she once again looks to her Eastern European roots and the WWII time periodSalt to the Sea to bring to light the little-known story of the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff, where thousands of fleeing East Prussians, mostly children, lost their lives.

Ruta's books have been published in 45 countries and 33 languages. Join us to learn more about this oft-overlooked piece of history, and what goes into writing a historical novel.