The Cheese Shop

Live Great Taste-March 1Don't worry!  If you missed the tasting on Tuesday, March 1 at Green Building Supply, you can catch the show broadcast Wednesday at 7:00 pm or Friday at 7:00 am on KRUU. 

CJ and Brett brought some awesome cheeses to Fairfield for us to taste, plus Brett provided a demo on how to make a superb grilled cheese sandwich. There are tricks.  One major tecnique to employ:  grate the cheese for a better, faster, more even melt.  We were fortunate that Aaron Hall, pizzaiolo at Lincoln Wine Bar, brought a loaf of his fresh-baked bread down for the demo.

Also, Brett passed on a technique for making sauerkraut that doubles as a method of taking your own inner anxiety out on a head of cabbage.

Thanks to CJ for passing along great information on artisan American cheeses and cheesemakers.  What a night.  

As always, THANKS to Green Building Supply, Everybody's Whole Foods, Jason Strong and Fairfield Media Center, and KRUU.