Great Blue Heron

Soul ExternalWrites' Voices is pleased to once again welcome Steve Semken, founder of Ice Cube Press in North Liberty, Iowa, and author of "Soul External: Rediscovering the Great Blue Heron."  This book is a new breed, and difficult to describe.  The Ice Cube Press web site promises a "realm full of lore, hearsay, myth, and spirt." The late environmental book reviewer from Orion magazine, Peter Sauer, called it mythological natural history, and although apt, that is only a partial description.  Steve SemkenSemken mixes in memoir, philosophical meanderings, inspirational quotes, poetry, graphic design, experimental typography, and fine artworks from Andrew Driscoll.  The result?  Well, you'll have to see it for yourself.

Tune in this week for another journey into the world of books.