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Cultivating Strategies to Achieve Life Goals

Kate McGuinnessCultivate strategies to achieve life goals, advises Executive Life Coach Kate McGuinness. During this interview, Kate shares tools she's acquired for successfully weathering career and life transitions. She honed these tools while meeting her own career challenges and while earning life coaching certification at the Hudson Institute of Coaching in Santa Barbara, California. Linear path of career changes versus a cycle of renewal model of change is one of the many topics Kate explores. She also covers identifying core values, reframing, experimentation, cocooning, and the role emotion plays during decisionmaking. Kate also shares titles of many books she and her clients consult during times of transition.

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Looking for a Map to Your Future?

Roadmap authors


Fourteen years ago, a cohortof new college grads realized they didn't know what they wanted to do with their lives. Sound familiar? They heard a lot

of "should's" and "ought to's" but they decided to shut out the noise and set out to find their own way, by taking a road trip in an old green RV to interview business people, artists and tradesmen who had created lives worth living. That trip was written up in Forbes magazine and turned into thier 2003 book, "Roadtrip Nation," which led to their long-running PBS TV series of the same name, plus the Roadtrip Nation Experience Curriculum and much more.

Today on Writer's Voices we will be speaking with one of  the founders of Roadtrip Nation, Mike Marriner, whose role in the organization is "to think about stuff and then try to make it happen."  Mike will be talking about the group's new book, "Roadmap:  The Get-it-Together Guide for Figuring Out What to Do with Your Life." Filled with advice from successful people they have interviewed, exercises, illustrations, diagrams and great stories, this book has something for everyone, wherever you may be on the road of life.