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The Bread Exchange and Sabita Sawhney this Week on GREAT TASTE


Kicking off the show is my visit with fashion model and author, Malin Elmlid.  Malin's new book is The Bread Exchange-tales and recipes from a journey of baking and bartering.  

I am not going to talk about Malin's story in the post other than to ask you to listen to her and feel the power of her passion and love for bread and humanity.

Her journey is not only compelling, but she encourages each of us to think about what we have to share, and find a way to do that with our fellow sojourners on this planet. 

Sabita Sawhney assisted by Bob BlankenshipOn "Iowa Cooks" we visit with Sabita Sawhney, the owner of Sabi's Cafe in the Golden Gate Building.  The show was part of our monthly "LIVE" series recorded on Tuesday, December 9 before a hungry group at Green Building Supply.  Everybody's Whole Foods provided the ingredients and Sabita taught us how to make parathas. Everyone ate plain, spinach, potato, and paneer parathas until the dough ran out.  You can see the video of the show and watch her make these savory breakfast delicacies at the following URL-, and thanks to Fairfield Media Center for producing the live stream.

Our next live show at Green Building Supply is Tuesday, January 6 with local cook and musician, Astred Griffin.  The fun starts at 7:00, as Astred teaches us how to make quiche in a wide variety of ways, including a vegan version.  Mark your calendar!