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    Nov 18
    5:00 pm -
    6:00 pm
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    Nov 19
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    12:00 am

Downtempo Hip-Hop of 2014

On today's edition of That Righteous Jive we'l be listening to some more great downtempo hip-hop/trip-hop from 2014.

I'll be featuring Red Martina, a group from Philladelphia that combines the talents of producer Stoupe (formerly of Jedi Mind Tricks), multi-instrumentalist Ish Quintero, Emcee Noesis (of Philadelphia Slick), and vocalist Hayley Cass. Yesterday they released their second album together: Come On Home.

We'll also be checking out NYC-based producer Blockhead and the album he dropped today: Bells and Whistles.

On top of that we've got: ArtOfficial, Jazz Spastiks and Catching Flies. Stream it live November 18th, 5pm-6pm CST right here on KRUU radio.

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    Nov 15
    10:00 pm -
    12:00 am
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    Nov 19
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    2:00 am

Hip-Hop & Trip-Hop of 2014 Featuring Blockhead

On tonight's edition of The After Hours we'll be listening to some more great downtempo hip-hop and trip-hop from 2014. I'll be featuring NYC-based producer Tony Simon AKA Blockhead and his new LP Bells and Whistles (out Nov. 18th).

Blockhead says that "the offerings on Bells and Whistles lay somewhere between a '70s horror movie soundtrack and what you might hear in a Turkish cafe, with boom bap roots front and center."

We'll also hear from Hypnotic Brass Ensemblean eight-piece brass band from Chicago consisting of the eight sons of jazz trumpeter Phil Cohran, and their new LP Bad Boys of Jazz. Continuing the direction began by their amazing album last year Fly: The Customs Prelude, HBE move further away from the traditional brass sound and even further into realms  hip-hop and soul.

On top of that we've got: Red Martina, Groove Cerealmononome, Blockboy, Catching Flies, Chill Bump and Sifu Hotman. Stream it live November 15th, 10pm-12am CST right here on KRUU radio!