larry coryell

i've played in a few bands over the years. one of the problems with keeping the band together is whether the musicians are compatible, musically, personally. another issue is goals: one personal just wants to get together and play, another wants to record, another wants to tour. all those things can break up a band if they don't gel just right.

david gilmourthe bands i enjoyed playing with the most had great moments that transcended all those differences. that's when the music was so great that it didn't matter what else was going on. beginning at age 14 until my fuse blew and blisters burst, i've been blessed to play with some of the best musicians in the midwest, and have had more than a few of those musically transcendent moments.

since i probably won't be able to get all the bands back together again any time soon, i'm going to share our (collective) first hour setlist, featuring the original artists' live versions of the songs we used to play. 

so thanks kelly, gino, john, pat, mark, jim, mark, john, scott, joe, and myron. and everyone else. enjoy our first set vicariously...