• Sat
    Nov 08
    10:00 pm -
    12:00 am
  • Wed
    Nov 12
    12:00 am -
    2:00 am

Trip-Hop of 2014

On tonight's edition of The After Hours I've got some more great sample-based and breakbeat-laced instrumental hip-hop & trip-hop from 2014. I'll be featuring New York-based producer Francesco Climato AKA Groove Cereal and the EP he released last month: There's A Surpise In Every Box. We'll also hear some singles from Blockhead's upcoming LP Bells and Whistles (Out Nov. 18th).

On top of that we've got: Erik Jackson, Neroche, mononome, Boogie Belgique, MEDL4Kill EmilThe Stuyvesants, Blockboy, KormacKOGNITIF and a whole lot more. Stream it live November 8th, 10pm-12am CST right here on KRUU radio.