• Tue
    Jul 01
    4:00 pm -
    5:00 pm
  • Wed
    Jun 11
    10:00 pm -
    11:00 pm

Post-Rock and Funk-Fusion Of 2014


In the first half of this Tuesday's edition of That Righteous Jive, I'll be playing some of my favorite post-rock and math rock of 2014 courtesy of TotorroFarrago Ensemble, Cleft and Waking Aida.

In the second half of the show we'll be listening to some of my favorite funk-fusion of 2014 featuring Swift Technique's (Philadelphia-based funk octet) instrumental debut album: you boys be aight. We'll also hear from debut albums by Analog Son, The Brooks and do DNA.

Stream it live July 1st, 5-6pm CDT right here on KRUU radio.