cindy lauper

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    Jun 26
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    8:00 pm
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    Jun 29
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30 years ago the synths were tinny, the drum machines were mechanical, mullets seemed to make sense, and the music was so full of reverb it was hard to even hear. but i found an hour's worth of wonderful and historically significant music from 1984 to make your this week's show wonderful and historically significant.

don henleythis week's 1984 show features 2 songs that were banned (the bbc refused to play the erotic dance tune "relax," and a number of christians boycotted cindy lauper's ode to masturbation, "she bop"), john lennon released a new album 4 years after his death, and his son julian released one by seemingly channeling his father, we were warned of the chaos in bangkok, and don henley's [right] ultimate reminder that "all she wants to do is dance"....

against the metal, post glam glitter of the 80s, todd rundgren released his humanitarian, pre- apocolyptic, 1984 global masterpiece, "one world":

Politicians and dictators and the guys with the dough
They think they run the world but they just don't know
'Cause down here on the street we got it under control
From Berlin to San Francisco, from London to Tokyo.