Sally Green

Half BadImagine that you decide to write a novel.  A young adult fantasy suspense novel, set in the United Kingdom (where you live).  But you are not J K Rowling, and your novel is not Harry Potter.  It is darker, more realistic, and your hero is a sixteen year old who lives in a cage and is trained to kill.   Like so many writers before you, when you are finished you try to get published.

Now imagine that your debut young adult novel,Sally Green the first in a planned trilogy, attracts the attention of several major publishers and is auctioned to the highest bidder, sold in 45 countries, sets a world record for the most translated book by a debut author prior to publication, and is optioned to be made into a movie by FOX, with the producer of "Twilight" and "The Book Thief" at the helm.  

Join us this week on Writers' Voices as we sit down with Sally Green and hear what it's like to write a dark fantasy and then live a light and joyful one.