Story time

  • Thu
    Mar 06
    2:00 pm -
    2:00 pm
  • Tue
    Mar 11
    8:00 am -
    8:00 am

Embarrassing Stories and Some Darnn Good Music

Join host, Andrew Tint as he highlights the issues facing Generation Y.

Andrew is bringing back his most embarrassing stories of his life. Find out how Andrew Tint became the man he is today. Learn about the last time he went to the bathroom in his pants, what happened when he lit a friend's dog on fire, and why one should never rush shaving. Not to mention some great musical breaks in between. 

Generation whY explores the issues facing Millennials. The concerns confronting the millennial generation affect more than just a select few- the entire nation is deeply impacted by the tribulations of Generation Y as they come of age. Join Andrew as he discusses a wide range of topics that include; student loan debt, internships, social media, and more. His guests will include co-founder Matt Segal, The host of the David Pakman show David Pakman, and more.