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    May 13
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    May 15
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What's Happening on Great Taste?

Francis ThickeOn the KRUU airwaves and streaming Wednesday, May 13 at 7 pm I chat with restaurateur/author  Joanne Chang about her new book, Baking with Baking with Less SugarLess Sugar  followed by a discussion with Francis Thicke, owner of Radiance Dairy and member of the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB).  This show will be rebroadcast Friday, May 15 at 7 am.

Soil Mode-Elaine InghamThe Soil Food Web was created by Dr. Elaine Ingham, who was my guest on last week's show.  If you missed the broadcast, I'll put a link to it in the next post.  It's critical that everyone understands the need to respect the soil on this planet.

Beer Can Quail-Hole in the WallHole in the Wall dessertHole in the Wall in Des Moines (1501 Grand) is one of my favorite spots anywhere to enjoy a meal full of unexpected tastes and varied textures.  It was fun to talk last week with the genius behind the always-changing menu, Zach Gutweiler, and savor every bite of his beer can quail, two kinds of Chinese buns, asparagus, brussels sprouts with vegan chorizo, and his take on the classic fudgsicle.  Plan your trip to coincide with when he opens at 6:30 pm.  He's even enhanced the Hole in the Wall dining experience by adding TV trays to go along with the plastic chairs!

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Many people have the mistaken idea that traveling for work to different places is a blast.  It can be, but working trade shows is usually more exhausting than exhilarating.  After almost three weeks on the road and three trade shows, I am thrilled to be home for a few weeks before leaving for two more trade shows in February.

The good news is I did enjoy some terrific meals-good food and great company are perfect for recharging my system after 8-10 hours of standing and talking.  More details perhaps next week, but the standout spots included Tartine, the bakery where Heli Claire Witherspoon works in San Francisco, a surprising meal at The Barrymore in Las Vegas, Nielsens Frozen Custard’s Vegas branch (not Ted Drewes, a St. Louis landmark, but very good), and two other favorite places in Vegas-Otto at The Venetian, and Chada Thai in a nondescript strip mall on the outskirts of Vegas’ Chinatown (not what you might expect-just one strip mall after another filled with restaurants and foot massage parlors).