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    Apr 15
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Jazz & Funk of 2014

Today is a good day. Why? Because today is the release date for two albums I've been highly anticipating for a while now.

The first is by Stanton Moore, a Louisiana-born drummer, probably best know for his work with the New Orleans funk group Galactic. Today he released his fifth solo album: Conversations--his first ever straight-ahead jazz trio album. On Conversations Stanton takes a step back from his usual funky affair, so he can explore and experiment with "the subtely of swing and improvisation" adding that his new LP is both "a return to my roots and a reinvention".

The second is by Ikebe Shakedown (pronounced ee-KAY-bay), a seven piece afro-funk group based out of Brooklyn. I was blown away by their 2011 s/t debut LP, and today they finally released their second full length album: Stone By Stone. The band says their sophomore release "is a much more layered and arranged album. The self-titled debut captured the raw energy of us playing live and the new record is much more of a studio effort. Psychedelic textures weave in and out of the grooves while the horn section offers an explosive response. The songs are heavy and danceable and show our moodier, more melodic side." 

On today's edition of That Righteous Jive we'll be checking out some of my favorite tracks from both Conversations and Stone By Stone. On top of that we've got DopeGems, Euro Cinema and Mike Dillon--all from albums released this year. Stream it live Tuesday April 15th, 5-6pm CDT right here on KRUU radio.

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Afro-Beat, Brass & Swing of 2013

On this Tuesday's edition of That Righteous Jive we'll be listening to some great afro-funk, brass and swing--all from albums released this year.

I'll be starting off with the self-titled debut album from Cherimoya: a five-piece "apocalyptic funk" outfit from Portland, Oregon. "Combining elements of classic soul with dark funk, rock and afro-beat, Cherimoya's music is the perfect soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic dance party."

After that we'll be checking out debut albums from both Brass Knuckle Brass Band (a New Orleans-style street funk group from Australia) and Pitchblak Brass Band (a ten-piece band from Brooklyn that blends together hip-hop, jazz, funk and rock).

Last, but not least, we'll be listening to some swing featuring the debut album from Smerins Anti-Social ClubPrimordial Cordial. We'll also hear from Jazzlight and Smoking Time Jazz Club. Stream it live November 12th, 5-6pm CST right here on KRUU radio.

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Afro-Beat and Downtempo/Trip-hop of 2013

In the first half of this Saturday night’s edition of The After Hours, we’ll be listening to some of my favorite afro-beat based jazz-funk to have been released this year. I’ll be featuring Bosq Of Whiskey Barons, but we’ll also hear from Jungle Fire and Ikebe Shakedown.

In the second hour of the show we’ll be listening to some of my favorite downtempo and trip-hop to have been released this year. I’ll be featuring Suplington and Anitek, but we’ll also hear from RJD2Joomanji, The Stuyvesants, Skeewiff and Odjbox. Stream it live November 8th, 10pm-12am CST right here on KRUU.