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Before Madonna, before Britney...

there was Cher.


Join me at the Wildflowers Cafe Monday, 10:00 am to hear the best of this timesless artist.

  • Mon
    Jul 22
    9:00 am -
    10:00 am


Tracy Chapman Fast Car album cover


Got a fast car?

Coffeehouses, Boston, blues and folk, all held together with a strong commitment to activism in a voice that sounds straight out of nature itself: Tracy Chapman

As the saying goes, if she hadn't been born we'd have had to invent her, as her songs are some of the most haunting and melodic you'll probably hear in a long time, even when she's not talkin' about a revolution.

So join me at the Wildflowers Cafe Monday, 10:00am, as we build a program around this most passionate and poetic of artists.