lovin spoonful

1966 was a unique musical year because, perhaps for the first time ever, the year heard virtually every style of music on the public airwaves.

here's a small cross-sampling...

normaof unique interest, is an equally unique singer/songwriter/song, norma tanega, singing about her cat named dog...

1966 year also gave us two albums that many music critics have in their top 5 of all time...

that was the year that the lovin' spoonful were at the top of their game.

gandharva music was popping up all over...

and psychedelic was just beginning...

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    May 30
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lovin' spoonful of tunes

some of the catchiest, most creative, and positive tunes ever, were written by john john sebastiansebastian for his band, the lovin' spoonful, from 1965-70.

underappreciated, but with a multi-faceted, unique quality of melody and message, i think it's time for a lovin' spoonful renaissance ... well, for this week anyway. rather than an occasional whisp of "summer in the city" in an elevator, john sebastian's music deserves a chronological, hour-long presentation, so you can ride along on his shifting styles and vibes.

here's what you'll be hearing: tunes.