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    Apr 16
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    Apr 19
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vedic ambient music

for one show every month on "deep tracks" i'll go deeply into a particular year of music, focusing on the most creative and long-lasting music from that year; on another show i'll play long, extended, improvised tracks that take the time to deeply explore their music and playing; on another show i'll explore the best of a particular genre or artist; and on another show i'll play creative ambient music for you to enjoy and transcend to--letting your awareness go deeper....

this week, enjoy vedic ambience...

vedic ambient

Steve Briggs is the author of the book, India Mirror of Truth, A Seven Year Pilgrimage. Mr Briggs will discuss his time in India visiting ashrams and holy places from Kerala to the high Tibetan plateau.

A facinating discussion with Tommy Edison, the blind film critic. Blind since birth, Mr Edison discusses his unique perspective on film. He has also worked in radio for over twenty five years.

This Wednesday's GREAT TASTE LIVE show is in a new location for one night only-Caribou Coffee.  It's a fitting site since we're talking about-come on, I know you can figure it out.  That's right, coffee.  Those special beans are the key ingredient that gets the day started for millions of folks.  We'll visit with Dennis Lopp, who helped get the Caribou facility up and running locally.  In addition to sampling the coffee and some of the food choices on the menu, we'll learn about the company's commitment to the Rain Forest Alliance, the type of commercial equipment necessary to run a spot entrusted with the difficult task of keeping folks alert, and some insight into its "Do Good" corporate philosophy.

What about making coffee at home?  Do you need an expensive espresso machine with all sorts of bells and whistles?  Is it better to join a coffee club and have everything you need shipped to your door regularly?  Do I need to grind the beans fresh every morning?  Whatever works for you is part of my answer, but I'll share my personal preferences and discuss two simple methods of preparing deliciously rich espresso quickly and economically.  

On the KRUU stThimmaiahream at 7:00 pm CT our health coach, Emily Rose Shaw, discusses berries.  Personally, I'm a big berry fan,  and Emily clues us in on why they are so good for us, fresh versus frozen, and ways to prepare them. 

Our guest the remainder of the hour is Dr.Thimmaiah, an inspiring proponent of agricultural methods that enrich our environment and individual lives.  Dr. Tim, as I like to call him, has an infectious personality that will take enthrall you, and help you understand why and how everyone must assist in making our food system healthier.  As the advisor to the Bhutanese Ministry of Agriculture, and the Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority, Tim is assisting that nation in its drive to have its farming community 100% organic by 2020.  He is an expert on organic, bio-dynamic, and Vedic agriculture, and advises governments in many other countries about the critical environmental and health issues surrounding the growing of food.  I need to mention he's also a terrific cook.  You can find his blog here: