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    May 16
    7:00 pm -
    8:00 pm
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    May 19
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    8:00 am

snoop's reincarnation and the great gatsby

snoop dogg says he was led by spirit to immerse himself in the spiritual culture of snoop lionjamaica, and he was reincarnated as snoop lion. the result: a creative, melodic, reggae cd; with nary an r-rated word. i feature several songs from the cd--released last week--and they are wonderful. you'll espcially love "fruit juice," "rebel way," and the surprisingly sweet: "the good good." miley cyrus joins snoop on "ashtrays and heartbreaks." but beware: snoop's not some born-again milk toast; he still has an edge, but he's added lots of love.

also released last week was the soundtrack to "the great gatsby," featuring artists like, beyonce, andre 3000, and the xx.

i'll also play 2 tracks from the new cd by vampire weekend: "step" and "diane young" (ie, dying young).

here's a list of all the songs you'll hear.