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    Feb 18
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    Feb 20
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Healthy Mind=Healthy Body with Rebecca Katz and Dr. Alaric Arenander

Moroccan Chickpea Soup"I feel like I talked way too long," said author Rebecca Katz.  "I thought you would interrupt me if you needed to."

When what you have to say is not only fascinating, engaging, and critically important to anyone tuned into the show, why break in and disturb the flow.  That's exactly how I felt listening to Rebecca talk about her new book, The Healthy Mind Cookbook. My hope is you will take the time to listen to her.  I believe her approach to food, nutrition, and cooking can make the kitchen a safe place to experiment and grow in for those who presently are not comfortable there, and also broadens the perspective of seasoned cooks by introducing them to a wide variety of previously unthought of flavor possibilities.

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Get ready, Jefferson County, Iowa! Behind the scenes many of your friends and neighbors are working with businesses, schools, restaurants, grocery stores, health service providers, and other entities to help you enhance the quality and length of your life. The crest of the Blue Zones wave will hit the county this autumn, but change is already in the works. To guide their efforts, organizers are harnessing nine powerful principles observed in communties with the world's longest lived people. Soon many opportunities will emerge for you to learn about and consider trying activities aligned with these principles. Want to know what to expect? Tune in! Ken Daley and Julie Howland Stephens reveal Blue Zones plans on The Studio with Cheryl.