There is so much going on lately during each show I can't even tell you about my recent eating adventures in Northern California, Las Vegas, and Mt. Vernon, IA.  That's a real teaser.

Poor Man's Feast coverLive at Hy-Vee on Wednesday night we have two authors via Skype that I am very excited to have on the show.  First up is James Beard Award-winning author Elissa Altman.  Her newest book is Poor Man's Feast:  A Love Story of Comfort, Desire, and the Art of Simple Cooking.  I think you can understand Elissa's take on food byThe Cassoulet Saved our Marriage cover reading this excerpt from her website: 

 So, what is Poor Man’s Feast really about?
It’s about sustenance in the face of pretense.
It’s about authenticity in the face of the artificial.
It’s about simplicity in the face of the tarted-up.
It’s about kindness in the face of the rude.
It’s about storytelling — mine, my family’s, yours, your family’s — and how those stories are inextricably bound up with what we feed ourselves and those we love, what we eat at times of joy, sorrow, delight, surprise, fear, and sadness. And it’s always about slowing down a little bit.

Our second guest is Lisa Catherine Harper, one half of the editing team, along with Caroline Grant, that put together, The Cassoulet Saved Our Marriage: True Tales of Food, Family, and How We Learn to Eat.  The book brings to the table 29 different writer's perspectives on food, family, and learning to eat.  You will absolutely experience an emotional roller coaster reading this collection of essays, which, in its essence is about nourishing our body and spirit.  Lisa is the author of the award-winning book, A Double Life:  Discovering Motherhood.


Chef Sam AuenFor this week only our live show is on Thursday.  If you are local, make certain to grab a seat as our special guest is Chef Sam Auen of Tacopacalypse in Des Moines. Sam is bringing his special brand of zaniness to the Hy-Vee kitchen for "fun with tacos" where we'll get a jump on Cinco de Mayo.  I've eaten at Sam's place, and love his take on south of the border food.  It's not your usual taco, and you'll get a chance to hear what makes Sam cook, plus taste the results.

Amour SpreadsOn the streaming show side tonight (Wednesday) we're replaying one of my favorite episodes.  Also, check out our health coach, Emily Shaw, talking about the magic of beans.

Don't you just love serendipitous moments?  I'm sitting at the counter facing the kitchen at Pago in Salt Lake City, and getting ready to enjoy a meal fixed by Phelix Gardner, one of my favorite chefs.  A couple walks in and is seated next to me.  Since I'm such a shy guy, I start talking to them immediately.  If they have in mind a romantic night out, my take is they should have asked to sit at a table for two.  Anyway, we make some small talk.  Phelix comes over with my first plate-two pieces of grilled bread, two cheeses, one jam and one marmalade.  "The jam and marmalade were made by the couple sitting next to you," he says with a grin.