harlem shuffle

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    Jun 20
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    8:00 pm
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    Jun 23
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50 years of dance (5 years at a time)

you may remember their biggest hit: the ren & stimpy theme. that was the reverend horton heat (pictured), a wild rockabilly band, playing (this week) a horton heatvery wild danceable tune: "400 bucks," the wild tale of money loaned and never repaid.

this week i go chronologically from 50 years ago (bob & earl's "harlem shuffle") to 45 years ago (a semi-obscure dance tune by sly & the family stone) to 40 years ago (stevie wonder) and in each five year increment thereafter (bobbie brown, delerium, infected mushroom, and a square dance by snoop dogg from 2003) to a song just released last week. 50 years, 13 songs, in one hour.

the playlist.

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    Feb 21
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    Feb 24
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    9:00 am

50 years ago

what was the music like 50 years ago? remember, in america at least, this was bob & earlpost-rock-n-roll and pre-beatles music (at least in the us).

some of it was over-the-top wacky ("yackety sax," "poppa oom mow mow"), some was tastefully if not syrupy sweet ("our day will come," "blue velvet"), and some was a vision of the future ("watermelon man," "it's all right").

then there were the heavy hitters: bob & earl's "harlem shuffle," and johnny cash's "ring of fire."

all 24 songs are listed here.