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    Aug 10
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    Aug 13
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chill funk

royksoppa chill later summer show, featuring royksopp featuring robyn (from norway, pictured), echophlekz (from the netherlands), shpongle (from the uk), cantoma (from the uk), and ellie goulding (from the uk).

every song has a little extra funk in its chill beat, and some chill in its funk.

and every song will keep your energy chilled and blissful.

the tracks.

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    Jan 15
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    Jan 18
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more of the best of 2014

last year saw a better than average crop of exciting music. (iowa has got me waxing poetica--farm style).

royksoppfrom the beautifully haunting melodies of coldplay's "ghost stories" (yes, this is in contention for album of the year in my opinion), to the creative, semi-electronic pop of norway's royksopp [pictured], and across genres to acoustic masterpieces by robert plant and alt-j....2014 heard it all.

one of my blissful pleasures from last year was eric clapton & friends' ode to jj cale. it was a smooth, rolling pleasure.

u2 surprised a lot of people by showing that their passion hasn't faded as much as the years have. and the black keys continue to show us the force of a three-piece rock band.

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    Jan 02
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winter chill

it's 2014...


it's winter...

it's chill.

this week...


to warm...

the chill.

and you can watch...

while you listen...

to this week's show...

here, on youtube.

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    Feb 07
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    Feb 10
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winter chillout music

intelligentsia...some of the best ambient artists today. hour to help keep you warm, and chill, during these cold february days and nights.

...chillout and stay warm, and you can dance too.

...again sunday morning.

... the playlist is here ...